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PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Jul 10, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Sibi Health (, an online marketplace for healthcare services, is now available for individuals and businesses in the Philadelphia area. Sibi Health finally brings convenience and transparency to healthcare payment by democratizing access to local providers offering upfront transparent prices for both virtual and in-person care. By aligning the incentives of patients and providers, Sibi helps both take back control of their healthcare experience.

Geared toward self-employed professionals, gig-economy workers, and small businesses with limited health insurance, Sibi’s platform allows individuals to find local quality doctors, see upfront transparent prices, book and pay all in one place with a few clicks — no insurance needed. 67% of Americans are somewhat or very worried about receiving an unexpected bill after an appointment, compared to the 41% worried about paying their rent or mortgage. (1) With Sibi Health, finding and paying for healthcare is simple and stress-free so patients and their providers can focus their energy on great care.

Sibi’s growing network includes board-certified healthcare providers across specialties, from primary care, dentistry and gynecology to dermatology and mental health. With Sibi, healthcare providers set their own rates and know they’ll get paid directly and immediately, which gives them the freedom to offer patients better value for the care they provide while supporting their practice financially and themselves emotionally, since less time and money must be spent on administration. “The result is a win-win for patients and their providers. We connect them directly without the usual healthcare hassle so both sides end up on top. We help patients and providers work together and make the healthcare payment system more efficient in the process,” says Sibi Health CEO, Catherine Bryt.

Anyone, regardless of insurance status, can use Sibi Health. While Sibi is a clear win for the uninsured and businesses who otherwise wouldn’t offer health benefits, it’s also a godsend for people with high deductible health plans and HSA accounts who, despite having insurance, still pay out-of-pocket for their medical care. This isn’t a small group of people, it’s 100M Americans (2,3,4).

“If you’re unlikely to meet your deductible, Sibi Health can save you up to 90% for the same quality service because providers value upfront payment. We’re taking what would otherwise be a back-room negotiation and making the results accessible to everyone,” said Bryt. And for those sick of navigating insurance jargon and in- vs. out-of-network hoops, Sibi Health makes it simple.

In today’s healthcare maze, Sibi Health is a refreshing approach toward creating affordable, straightforward healthcare that works for both the patient and the doctor. Bryt and her team have continued to grow Sibi Health during the COVID-19 pandemic. “What we’re experiencing has only made more clear that there’s a need for Sibi Health.”

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Sibi Health is an online marketplace for healthcare services that was founded in early 2020. With Sibi anyone can find a board-certified doctor or therapist, see upfront transparent prices, book & pay upfront in a few clicks – no insurance necessary.

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