PHOENIX, Ariz. — SelectRadio data shows that listeners using its Windows Mobile smartphone software are taking full advantage of recently added features to discover new music while enjoying their favorite Internet or satellite radio channels. When SelectRadio users hear a new song or artist of interest, they can click one button to retrieve detailed information about the artist and CDs containing the song being played. Users can see available song purchase options, listen to samples from the artist, and purchase directly from their smartphone. Users can even discover new music without taking their eyes off the road – just by setting SelectRadio to email the song information results.

Noted Sandy Shore, founder of and, “We’re very excited about the immediacy of information and purchasing opportunities that SelectRadio is offering our listeners with their software. It doesn’t get any more exciting than to be out in the world, listening to Internet radio on a mobile device and discovering new artists and music that you’re actually able to buy on the spot if you desire. That’s really putting the music directly into the hands of the people!”

According to the 2008 Arbitron consumer survey, “The Infinite Dial: Radio’s Digital Platforms,” the number of consumers who learn about new music from the Internet vs. terrestrial radio or TV has grown by 277 percent in the past six years. At the same time, new artists are finding outlets for their work on Internet and satellite radio channels with large, dynamic playlists and an audience hungry for music discovery and purchase. SelectRadio’s data highlights popular channels that are inspiring users to request more information about the music they discover while mobile.

Initial six-month data shows which channels are driving the highest number of SelectRadio user requests for additional song information (i.e., more than the song title and artist info displayed by default) in the most popular music genres.

SelectRadio User Top Music Discovery Channels by Format/Genre

Genre/Format :: Top Channel for Music Discovery

Adult Contemporary Hits :: XM Radio Flight 26
Alternative Hits – Cross Genre :: Sirius Hits 1
Alternative Rock :: Sirius Octane
Classic Rock :: Virgin Radio Classic Rock
Country :: Radioio Country
Decade – 70s :: Radioio 70s Rock
Decade – 80s :: AccuRadio A Flock of 80s
Hip Hop :: AccuRadio HitKast
Jazz ::

Results are based on 11/07 to 05/08 SelectRadio user song info requests from preset channel groups – currently AccuRadio, BBC, Inside Jazz, Radioio, SelectPicks, Sirius Internet Radio, and XM Radio Online.

SelectRadio software is compatible with all popular Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 devices including smartphone models such as the Samsung Blackjack, HTC Excalibur, Motorola Q and touchscreen models such as the UTStarcom 6800 and HTC Touch series. SelectRadio software requires a network connection via either the handheld wireless carrier or WiFi connection. SelectRadio software is priced at $25 for a device-specific license.

A free 10-day fully functional trial is available for evaluation prior to purchase at

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