BURLINGTON, Mass. — Seaweed Systems, Inc., the leading developer and supplier of OpenGL(R) and X Window System embedded graphics solutions for embedded markets, announced today that it has partnered with Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, a leading designer and manufacturer of rugged deployed commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) VME, VPX and CompactPCI products for the aerospace and defense (A&D) market to make available its SeaWind(R) family of X/OpenGL graphics software drivers integrated with Curtiss-Wright’s own value-added graphic software IP, enabling customers to more easily and efficiently take complete advantage of the full capabilities of Curtiss-Wright’s embedded graphics hardware offerings.

The partnership between Seaweed Systems and Curtiss-Wright (NYSE:CW) provides Curtiss-Wright customers with access to the industry’s leading software and hardware graphics products and support for high-performance embedded Power Architecture (PowerPC) and X86-based board-based systems using the VxWorks, Integrity and Linux operating environments. In addition, the availability of Seaweed’s DO-178B certifiable driver software (SeaWind/178(R)) for new Curtiss-Wright hardware platforms, that will be based upon graphics chips provided and supported by Seaweed, will enable Curtiss-Wright to better serve customers seeking compliance with both DO-178B and DO-254.

“Partnering with Curtiss-Wright ensures that our customers will get the highest level of service and support for Seaweed’s SeaWind and SeaWind/178 software for the latest hardware platforms,” said Robert Schulman, President of Seaweed Systems. “Working together, our leading edge COTS software and Curtiss-Wright’s hardware products will help our customers field better and more advanced systems faster, with optimized performance and integrity.”

SeaWind, Seaweed Systems’ implementation of the X11 Window System, provides a fully functional environment appropriate for real-time or embedded systems. SeaWind includes both X server-side and client-side technology and optimized support for SGI’s GLX OpenGL extension for X. SeaWind is currently an X11R6/Motif 2.0-based implementation, and its X server and client-side products can connect over the backplane, over the network, and locally.

Seaweed Systems also offers the SeaWind/178 product family of DO-178B certifiable OpenGL subset APIs for applications that are safety or mission-critical in nature. The heart of this suite is the SeaWind/178 Core API, the first COTS offering compliant with the Khronos OpenGL SC 1.0 API for safety critical embedded applications.

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