NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — SeaNet Company, Inc., a leader in fractional-yacht ownership, is excited to announce their latest fleet addition, the 60-foot Manhattan, which promises to deliver unparalleled performance combined with industry-leading luxury. Four years ago, SeaNet launched its first yacht. Today, they manage 12 and are the largest fractional luxury yacht fleet in operation.

Similar to the fractional-jet industry, the concept of fractional-yacht ownership has been perfected by SeaNet; members are treated to unequaled turnkey services at a fraction of the cost. For example, a yacht with a $2.38 million price tag costs $397,000.

fractional yacht ownership “Most owners use their yacht a few times a month,” Michael Costa, founder of SeaNet, said. “It’s an expensive idle asset, and the financial commitment for maintenance is costly and time consuming.”

SeaNet offers an array of financial programs that range from one third to one-sixth ownership; one-third ownership provides members with 108 days per year, and one sixth – 54 days per year.

Common hassles and fees associated with sole-yacht ownership are eliminated. SeaNet handles slip fees, insurance, routine maintenance and more. Owners are free to use and enjoy their yacht more often.

Concierge services ensure that all details are met prior to setting sail. Members can choose luxurious bed linens, have family photos placed around, enjoy specific music, and indulge in favorite wines, gourmet items and more.

“It’s a Ritz-Carlton level of service,” Costa explained. “No other fractional-fleet operation offers such a high-end level of service.”

Fractional-yacht ownership is ideal for corporations and families, alike. Each yacht has a licensed captain on board, and members also have access to the captain-training program. However, they can choose to relinquish their captain duties, at anytime, to fully enjoy their time at sea.

All of SeaNet’s yachts bear the spectacular Sunseeker name and are designed for yacht enthusiasts who demand perfection in quality, performance and style. The Manhattan 60 has been described as “sexy” and “jaw dropping.”

SeaNet, based in California, has three ports-of-call: Newport, San Diego and Los Angeles. Several yachts also travel to Mexico during the season and, in 2008, they have plans to open additional locations in Miami and the Mediterranean.

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