MIAMI, Fla. – Aug. 21 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Ms. Phyllis Sdoia-Satz, well-known educator, author, pianist, composer, clinician, lecturer and Owner/Executive Director of the prestigious music school, Sdoia-Satz Music Institute (The Husky Gang School) in Miami, FL has, this week, announced the opening of a new division of the school: DIMECC, the Division of Music Education Consultants and Clinicians.

DIMECC offers private/or group consultation services to students, teachers, families and groups to help solve problems in the field of music education.

Does the student refuse to practice? Does the student experience so much frustration that it is impossible to practice? Does it take the student forever to learn something, and then as soon as he/she goes on to something new, forgets it Does the student hate the instrument he’s learning? Has the teacher lost the ability to motivate the student? Does the teacher feel unable to keep up with today’s technology? Does the family feel powerless because they can’t help the student want to learn? What these folks need is someone who can help solve the problems and get the student, family and/or teacher back on track. Enter DIMECC.

DIMECC will meet with the student, family or teacher, and, using a variety of assessment techniques, will offer solutions for problems related to interest, attention, motivation, coordination, dexterity , patience, and/or learning. Based on the consultation, DIMECC will make evaluations and recommendations about teaching methods, and instrument choice, in order to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time. DIMECC will help set up a curriculum for individual students and teachers as needed. DIMECC will conference with families to let them know how to help the students get most benefit from lessons. This will include teaching them what they should never do as well as what they should do. DIMECC will also meet with teachers who wish to upgrade skills and help put them back at the leading edge of today’s educational world.

Recognized for her innovative viewpoints about music education and her upbeat, creative approach to learning, Ms. Sdoia-Satz has been teaching for more than 40 years. At Sdoia-Satz Music Institute, students learn to play a musical instrument in half the time it takes with other instructors. Sdoia-Satz has been so successful in her teaching that she has often been a speaker on television and radio demonstrating her methods. Her master classes/seminars are widely attended by both professionals and lay people.

One of the tools used at Sdoia-Satz to help increase the speed by which a student learns is the copyrighted Sdoia-Satz Music Aptitude Test, (SSMAT), created by Ms. Sdoia-Satz and required for admittance at the music school. The SSMAT has been demonstrated on television and on the stage, and is applicable for students from the age of 2 – 102. It helps uncover strengths, weakness, interest, response, aptitude and learning capacity of the student. The SSMAT has been used at the Sdoia-Satz Music Institute with great success for all the years that it has been in existence. One of the tools that will be used in all consultations will be the SSMAT.

Ms. Sdoia-Satz holds a Bachelor’s degree (summa cum laude) from Florida International University and did her graduate work at the University of Miami.

Ms. Sdoia-Satz is the author/composer of “The Husky Gang(TM)” series (Warner Bros). Her essays, books, teaching methods, and innovative views on music education have appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines, nationwide. Twenty two stories in the Knight Ridder newspapers alone have featured Ms. Sdoia-Satz’s teachings on music education. Her textbook, “The Art of Teaching Music, A Basic Text” is a ‘must-read’ for both experienced teachers and those just starting out in the field of education. Her article, “Music Instruction as an Aid to Physical and Emotional Therapy” was even featured in a medical journal. Her newest book “Practicing Sucks!!! Tips for Surviving Music Lessons” will be on the bookshelves soon.

Ms. Sdoia-Satz says that the purpose behind the dynamic new Division of Music Education Consultants and Clinicians is to “turn students on and tune them in to music.” DIMECC at Sdoia-Satz Music Institute is available for consultation at any location to help make that happen.

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