ORLANDO, Fla. — Natalie Waples is one of the brightest young stars in the fitness firmament. The eye-catching Canadian made her pro debut last season, winning her first professional event at the IFBB North American Figure Championships. She has graced the September ’08 cover of Inside Fitness Magazine and her new DVD, “Building a Beautiful Body #1, with Natalie Waples,” is racking up sales in both countries. Now she’s taking the next big step and teaming up with True Healthy Products, the company that powered the Stemulite craze last year, working with them to launch the first of its kind, all natural protein supplement: Protein Power Mix.

“I am very conscious of what I put into my body,” says Waples, who hails from Ottawa. “I talk to groups all the time and it’s amazing how many kids 12 and 14 years old are using energy drinks and supplements. And people ask about steroids too. I just tell them that I would never put any of that in my body and that they have to discover all natural solutions. That’s why I am excited about Protein Power Mix.”

True Healthy Products used the Europa Show of Champions Sports and Supplement Expo in Orlando, Florida as a venue to launch its newest entry into the protein wars and the response was overwhelmingly positive. In addition to having Waples at the booth, the team also consisted of former Mister Florida, Corey Simpson and college and pro football legend Roger Craig.

CEO Jan Hrkach was overjoyed with the show of star power. “To have these three people, all at the top of their game, at our booth to introduce our new product was a dream come true. When everyone saw those three, they began to gravitate to our booth and try our product. We got rave reviews all over the place. While Natalie was impressing the judges from the stage, she was also impressing attendees and her fellow fitness models that all-natural is the way to go. Said Waples, “I love what True Healthy Products stands for and I feel strongly that using all natural foods and supplements should be a priority for all athletes, and really for everyone!”

Whether bodybuilders, power lifters, strongman competitors or fitness models, it was practically unanimous that a quality protein drink was a major part of their routines and that the smooth tasting, naturally sweet, all natural Protein Power Mix was an exciting newcomer. Several walked away impressed with the benefits of going natural. Even veteran bodybuilder Andy Haman was impressed by the taste. “I’ve been using protein my whole career and this is one I feel like I can recommend to everyone.”

Natalie will also be with the THP team when they introduce Protein Power Mix, as well as several of the other stellar products in their health and fitness lineup, at the Europa Show in Dallas, Texas this August 14 and 15.

According to Hrkach, “We first met Natalie while we were promoting Stemulite. She was using it with tremendous results and I was so impressed by her that I asked if she would try some of our other products. As we began to develop Protein Power Mix, Natalie was one of the first people we asked to sample it. Her feedback was invaluable and her hearty, unsolicited endorsement convinced us that we had to get her on our team. It’s an honor to have someone of that stature as one of our first celebrity endorsers.” Hrkach went on to say: “The fact that Natalie teaches and works with others, and is an all-natural athlete, means so much to a company like True Healthy products because that’s what we are all about. I won’t market anything that isn’t 100 percent natural and good for people.”

In only two short years Natalie has gone from amateur enthusiast to Champion, all while going the all natural route. That’s just one reason she is fast becoming a role model for other women interested in fitness modeling and weight training. And that’s also why teaming up with Protein Power Mix was a natural fit. “This is a ‘state-of-the-art all natural formula’ developed by nutrition expert Andrew Wood. Wood, himself a power lifter and former college baseball player has created something I can be proud to put my name on.”

According to Waples, another thing that distinguishes this blend from other proteins on the market is a dual formula approach. There’s a daytime and “slow-burn” nighttime formula that works well individually or in combination as a meal replacement or protein energy boost. There is nothing artificial – no sucrose or maltodextrin – and they added an all natural stem cell recruiter for maximum muscle gain. “It is also extremely friendly to the digestive system, and it tastes great – and that’s no small matter when you’re drinking a supplemental protein every day.”

Waples is looking to expand her schedule and will be working with Hrkach to promote several of the other all natural products in the THP line.

Protein Power Mix is available exclusively at