BOSTON, Mass. — Rimadesio, the Italian manufacturer of luxury glass and aluminum passage doors, wall panels, and closet/shelving units, introduces Abacus, a dramatic and innovative walk-in closet system available exclusively in North America at Rimadesio Boston. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, Abacus pairs thin aluminum honeycomb shelving with elegant tempered glass.

“We didn’t want the technology to be seen,” says Bavuso. This decision allows dramatic design features to take center stage. For instance, the tempered glass used in the unit is available in thirty different colors, all of which were deliberately chosen, according to the designer.

The type of aluminum used in Abacus’s framing was originally designed for aeronautical applications, meaning that the system’s overhanging shelving features are super-thin but strong enough to handle the large capacity required of a walk-in wardrobe. A patented solution for suspended elements allows Abacus’s aluminum structure to be largely hidden. A lighting system, integrated into the top part of the panels, offers both illumination and drama.

“Abacus takes the walk-in closet to an entirely new level,” says Rimadesio Boston owner Philip Guarino. “It’s a distinctive closet system that brings tremendous functionality and an exceptional aesthetic to an often overlooked but very important part of the home.”

Rimadesio is a global standard-bearer for elegant and ergonomic space-defining solutions. Established in 1956 as a home furnishings manufacturer in Desio, Italy, the company soon began experimenting with inventive new methods of processing glass. Their patented processes would prove integral to Rimadesio’s later emphasis on the production of groundbreaking doors, sliding door/divider and closet/shelving systems. Rimadesio’s fully customized designs have since been installed in residences, prominent office spaces, hotels, and museums worldwide. The company has established successful showrooms in cities including Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Milan, Paris, Rome, Sao Paulo, Taipei, and Zurich.

For more information about Rimadesio, please call 617/357-5777 or visit the Rimadesio Boston web site at

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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