TOMBALL, Texas — Wouldn’t it be great if reading your favorite magazine helped to end hunger? Well, now that’s possible. Magazines for Meals, a Texas-magazine vendor, announced today that it will donate 40 percent of all magazine order purchases to food banks that service their customers’ local area. When a Texas customer makes a purchase, 40 percent of the total purchase — not just the profit — will be donated to a food bank in that customer’s area; donation areas are determined by zip code. And, with the holidays around the corner, customers can purchase thoughtful gifts – magazine subscriptions that give back to the community.

Magazine purchase orders are not limited to Texas residents. However, since non-Texas residents are ordering from out of the area, their zip code will not be applicable. The Houston Food Bank, a member of Feeding America, has been pre-chosen to receive the 40 percent donation from those purchases.

Magazines for Meals has two different ways to raise money for regional food banks – non-fundraiser purchases and food-bank fundraisers.

For non-fundraiser purchases, after the customer purchase, that 40 percent is placed in a Magazines for Meals’ donation account. That 40 percent is then donated, on a quarterly basis, to the Texas Food Bank that services that customer’s zip code area.

Magazines for Meals also offers the opportunity for Texas food banks to use their website to host fundraisers and to turn magazine sales into money for meals.

Michelle Klein, owner Magazines for Meals, worked in telemarketing and magazine sales for many years. She enjoyed the business and the customer interaction. After taking of a few years off, she began to explore ways to return to the industry.

Klein explains that she first got the idea for this project during a girl-scout meeting.

“I have always instilled the importance of giving back to the community to the girls in my girl-scout troop,” Klein says. “This is when the concept of merging the two ideas came to me.”

With over 500 magazines to choose from, there is something for everyone. Magazine choices include over 30 different categories for men, women and children. Interests range from cooking and fitness to fishing, farm and ranch, and much more. An alphabetical listing of all their magazines is available as well.

Magazines for Meals works closely with Texas food banks to help those facing hardship. Currently, they are hosting a fundraiser to help restock the shelves of the food banks that gave and continue to give to Hurricane Ike victims.

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