DENVER, Colo. — “Once a job offer is made, a lot of people think they have no basis for negotiating,” said Bob Gerberg at the Denver headquarters of ITS, “but they would be surprised, with the right approach, that they can often secure compensation packages beyond what they thought was possible. A key point to remember is that negotiating more at the start of a job can turn into a substantial amount of increased earnings over the course of several years. Once people achieve an increased level of earnings, they tend to maintain that difference over where they were for several years.”

“The negotiation process we recommend at ITS is easy to use. Based on our thousands of negotiations, it was carefully developed to be easy to use. It is based on common sense and the art of soft-selling, so that you get what you want without offending the employer in any way.

“There are five key areas you want to consider: (1) the initial offer, and can you get it increased by 10% to 30%; (2) the responsibilities, and can you expand them to a larger job that would pay more; (3) a signing bonus, which can be 10% to 30% of the salary in some cases; (4) the benefits, and whether you are eligible for the benefits the company is willing to extend; (5) stock options, whether they are available, and under what terms.

“ITS gives job hunters guidance in each of those areas. There is also a lot of information on salary surveys to give you current information on which to base negotiations, and a cost-of-living comparison of various areas for those who are relocating. Senior level job seekers will be especially interested in the discussion of the various types of stock options and grants, exit strategies and severance agreements, and a dozen or so other perks that can be a significant part of the total compensation package.”

ITS offers Personal Marketing Services that goes far beyond Outplacement Career counseling. ITS uses its own unique technology to give job seekers access to as much as 85% of the advertised openings, including those from newspapers, recruiter openings, job boards, employer sites, and trade magazines. It also provides access to the unadvertised job market among employers, recruiters and growth companies.

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Valerie G, editor at CANW
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