MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Infinishare Technologies has announced the release of Purplenova 3.1 ( – A product that allows users to web-host content directly from their Internet-connected PC with a domain / sub-domain name. For example, user John Doe can set home.johndoe123 .com to his home PC and office.johndoe123 .com to his office computer and directly web-host from both.

Though the product is targeted primarily at individual users, small businesses can also use it to selectively make information web-accessible to customers and partners.

Purplenova employs a new technology that is more secure and overcomes the limitations of traditional dynamic DNS mapping techniques.

Purplenova 3.1 “With broadband connections becoming faster and reliable, and with powerful machines residing in people’s homes and small offices, Purplenova makes a case for ‘Unlimited Hosting’ directly from end-user machines. Users get more from their broadband and PC investment by self-hosting websites, albums, media playlists, documents and web-apps,” says Milind Pandit, VP Marketing.

Purplenova has been designed for security and ease-of-use keeping the lay-user in mind. Web-publishing is as easy as a drag-and-drop, without having to ever hear of router configurations, IP addresses, ports, Firewalls, or even HTML.

Purplenova service ensures that the individual PC is protected from malware and several known internet attacks in a transparent manner. Purplenova ensures that only content explicitly selected for publishing becomes web-accessible. Readers do not obtain access to the entire hard disk of PCs running Purplenova. Hosted content can be marked for either public or private access. Content marked for public access is reached and listed from popular search engines; however, private content is accessed via password or communicated over secure HTTPS protocol.

“This is a product that more than meets typical home-hosting needs based on the feedback of several thousand beta users. We are positioning this as a powerful yet cost effective option for the Home and small business user,” says Pandit.

Purplenova partners with Domain Name Registries, Broadband providers and ISPs for its offerings to end customers.

About Purplenova
Purplenova is a provider of cutting edge internet technology products with offices in Mountain View, California and India.

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