HEATHSVILLE, Va. — Safe Return! Wilderness Emergency Care & Survival Training Center (, an independent American Safety and Health Institute authorized training center, is offering schools, groups, and organizations with outdoor and public safety interests free medical emergency care seminars as an outreach and public information service.

In an era of random violence, people must ask themselves, “Am I really prepared to help myself and to help others when tragedy strikes?” As an example, “Could I properly apply a tourniquet or ensure someone has an open airway so they could breath?” The average person can easily bleed to death in less than seven minutes. Knowing how and where to properly apply a tourniquet can make a real life or death difference.

When an incident or an accident happens, whether it’s in an outdoor setting or on the street, there are simple but critical key actions a rescuer can perform on himself or others that can make the difference between having a good outcome or a bad outcome – especially when emergency medical services may be more than 30 minutes away or medical assistance is hindered by unfolding events.

Topics included are the 12 ways to quickly evaluate whether or not a victim is in a life-threatening condition even if they don’t think they are. Also covered are the reasons why evaluating a child’s injuries must be done differently than assessing an adult’s injuries. The reasons why most commercially available first aid kits cannot help save a life. How to use the $6 first aid item everyone should carry everyday, everywhere, that is no bigger than a fist, that will perform all the life saving and first aid functions most emergencies require.

Also discussed are the three most important steps a rescuer must take to make a life saving difference, and what most people don’t know about how to get help on scene as quickly as possible no matter the location. Other topics include the emergency treatment of hunting and fishing related accidents and emergencies encountered by campers and hikers.

These seminars average 45-90 minutes depending on time allocated.

For more information on these seminars visit or call 804-313-0932.

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