GILROY, Calif. — Bookstand Publishing announces the release of “Revelation of the Unrevealed” (ISBN: 978-1-58909-431-4), authored by Michael O’Patrickson, and based on real-life experiences. At the core of the book is a discussion and analysis of hypnotism. O’Patrickson seeks to explore and share his findings of the effects of hypnotism on people and to teach them how to identify and remove negative behavior attributed to its strength.

O’Patrickson argues that crimes and mental illness are not always what they appear to be on the surface. According to the author, there is a force that sits at the center of the human subconscious mind that is so powerful that it can lead mentally healthy individuals into a life of madness or criminal behavior.

Revelation of the Unrevealed The book explores how this force, hypnotic in nature, can be identified and removed from healthy beings.

“Revelation of the Unrevealed” reveals how hypnotism can be blamed for horrific acts such as parents killing their children; shameful abuse; human destruction; and incurable mental illnesses within communities.

“In writing this book, it was my desire to offer a message of hope to readers,” O’Patrickson said. “My intent was not to simply expose or to blame people or entities using the power of hypnotism, but to uncover the evil for the sole purpose of healing and redirecting affected people to a path of happiness and well being.”

The author also reveals how hypnotism can be used to exercise control over unsuspecting people and their activities, without their victims’ knowledge or objections. It continues an exploration of how hypnotism can be used to suppress the immune system, making unsuspecting victims susceptible to disease and illness.

“My hope is that this book will change people’s lives for the better,” O’Patrickson said. “I want to teach people to take control and to protect themselves and their families from this invisible force.”

O’Patrickson is an Afro-European who has studied the Science of Food, Business Administration and Sound Engineering. Currently, he is a pop singer and songwriter who has performed before a million Africans and delivered a healing manifestation to a nation that was held under dictatorship regimes for decades. In doing so, he achieved status as a singer who heals through performance.

Now, as an author, O’Patrickson is providing readers with three free songs, one titled “Heal Me,” included with every book purchase.

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