Protium to develop advanced RF solutions for Vanu’s Anywave cellular infrastructure solution

NORTHBOROUGH, Mass. — Protium Technologies, Inc. and Vanu, Inc. have signed a teaming agreement formalizing their business relationship. Under terms of the agreement, Protium will continue to design, develop and manufacture a line of RF front-end equipment to meet the requirements of Vanu’s leading-edge, software defined radio architecture.

“An excellent business relationship has existed between the two companies since 2003 and has resulted in innovative products for the cellular telecommunications markets,” said Rick Gawlik, president of Protium Technologies, Inc. “We are very excited about ongoing new product development that will result in increased penetration of software defined radio technology.”

Protium has been partnering with Vanu on the commercial delivery of its software radio solution that provides wireless operators with the industry’s only “one system solution” that simultaneously operates GSM, CDMA and other standards.

“The cellular infrastructure industry has historically been served by large vertically integrated manufacturers with proprietary solutions across the radio access network. Vanu is creating a new and disruptive ecosystem through an open standard, software radio architecture that enables an entrepreneurial component specialist, like Protium Technologies, to deliver highly innovative solutions to cellular operators. We’re fortunate to have them as a partner,” said John Winn, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing for Vanu, Inc.

About Protium Technologies, Inc.
Protium Technologies, Inc. ( is a developer and manufacturer of commercial and military digital R.F. and microwave telecommunications subsystems. The company has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing communications equipment operating in the frequency range of a few MHz to 60 GHz at data rates up to OC-3. Current activities are centered on developing and manufacturing a line of platforms for software-defined radios, 5.1 GHz modems for the FAA, and specialized military VHF communications subsystems. Protium Technologies, Inc., located in Northborough, MA, was founded in 2003.

About Vanu, Inc.
Vanu, Inc. ( is the developer of the Anywave(R) Base Station, the first U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-certified software radio. The Anywave Base Station provides significant advantages over traditional cellular equipment designs including: simultaneous operation of multiple wireless standards on a single platform; the use of general purpose, open standard servers rather than proprietary hardware; remote software downloads to add new wireless standards and system capacity; decreased backhaul costs; and a full range of additional capital and operating cost savings. These benefits come from implementing the signal processing functions of the base station as a high level, software application running on Linux, eliminating the need for costly, specialized hardware. The company delivers Anywave radio access network solutions, licenses its software, and provides design consulting to service providers, system integrators and wireless OEMs. Vanu was founded in 1998 and is based in Cambridge, MA.

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