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CORTE MADERA, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Noted Marin County chiropractor, Dr. Donald E. Harte, calls out noted Marin County "addiction specialist," Dr. Howard Kornfeld, as "having a totally wrong-headed approach."

"We have a clearly idiotic but all-too-common case of Medicine making business for itself," according to Dr. Harte. The latest news reports indicate that Prince had a very bad hip, and had become addicted to Percocet, an opioid pain-killer.

"It is clear that Medicine, in general, is about suppressing symptoms rather than achieving health. In this case, Prince's case, the result is quite the opposite… death." Harte goes on, "When chiropractic care is available, to deal with the causes of pain, as well as other health issues, it is just plain stupid for doctors to merely cover up pain, as a main mode of care."

Dr. Harte likens the medical practice of "pain management" to this: "If your house catches fire, and the smoke alarm goes off, would you take a hammer and whack the alarm, or would you call 9-1-1, and get your family out safely?" He states, "Medical studies of MRI, etc. have admitted that they really cannot pinpoint the cause of pain in their patients. Of course, they use MRI's to sell orthopedic surgeries. The record is so bad, here, that what happens is officially known as 'Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.' Often, patients end up in worse pain, which increases their need for pain meds. The scam goes on!"

"Legal drug addiction is becoming epidemic. Prince was but one victim, a victim of medical procedure, and of medical thinking." He notes, "This 'iatrogenic,' or medically-caused explosion of addiction has created and sustained a whole new medical specialty, drug rehabilitation. This is the specialty of Dr. Kornfeld. He was going to 'save' Prince. Too little, too late!"

"As a gross example of the lack of shame by the medical profession, there was a medical building in San Rafael. The front was 'pain management.' The back was drug rehab. The building has been torn down. I believe that the doctor has been indicted."

Dr. Harte points out, "Medicine, especially orthopedic medicine, has become far more aggressive these days, causing far more damage, physically and chemically. The safe and effective alternative is Chiropractic. Ignorance and bigotry cannot keep WHAT WORKS a secret."

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