YUBA CITY, Calif. — Prime Companies, Inc. (OTC: PRMC / announces that it has executed an agreement and has consummated the purchase of certain strategic assets from Mount Logic, LLC, including Mount Logic’s Manufacturing Patents of ergonomic arms and mounts.

Norbert J. Lima, President and CEO of Prime Companies is quoted as saying: “All our recent acquisitions inclusive of Mount Logic’s strategic patents, have been totally focused to allow Prime Companies, Inc to become the leading edge supplier of the total solution to the dental office! With the purchase of the Mount Logic’s assets, we view our total integrated solution to the dental industry as now being complete! Digital Voice, Data, HIPPA Compliant Record Keeping, Billing and Practice Management Software, Ergonomic Arms and Mounts. By establishing dealers we project the ergonomic arm and mount business to grow to a $15M to $20M business over the next three years. We see this as a great revenue increasing opportunity and we aim to capitalize on it!”


Prime Companies, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary NACC-TEL, CORP., currently markets business telephone and voice mail systems. Recently, NACC-TEL augmented its product and service portfolio to include a total, turn key telecommunications solution to the Dental Industry. This is inclusive of certain software and hardware proprietary products. This means the total integration of ergonomics, HIPAA Compliant practice management software.


Mount Logic, LLC:

Mount Logic, LLC has proprietary patents to produce ergonomic arms and mounts catering to the medical and dental industries.

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