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SYDNEY, Australia, May 16, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — While preventative maintenance to address problems such as potential leaky balcony repairs or leaky shower repair might not top everyone’s to-do list, there are several reasons why it should. Remedial Membranes highlights a case study published by HIA Insurance of a simple leaky shower that could have been repaired for $149, ended up costing $240,000AUD because of the massive impact water damage can have on building materials over time.

Remedial Membranes reports that preventative maintenance before will cost a fraction compared to repair after. In fact, every dollar spent on maintenance will cost up to 100 times that amount in future repairs.

A leaking shower repair or leaking balcony repair can be quickly rectified with an over-the-tiles solution such as Remedial Membranes’ Clear Waterproofing Membrane. And while it’s simple enough for a DIY-project, there are qualified installation teams too.

Remedial Membranes recommends people follow these top suggestions for waterproofing maintenance:
1. Leaky shower. If a shower is leaking, act fast and smart as the damage (and the cost) spreads quickly. Because of frequent use, a shower leak will quickly access foundations and cause expensive damage. A case study by HIA Insurance Services illustrates that a Shower Tray Kit that costs approximately $149 would have fixed a shower that was leaking for five years and ended up costing the homeowner $240,000 – almost equal to the cost of the original house build.
2. Leaky balcony. When there’s mold on plasterboard, visible swollen timber or drips coming through light fittings, it’s time to act. Clear Waterproofing Membrane over the top of existing tiles will save 70 percent of the cost of having to call in a builder to rip-up and re-tile a leaky balcony.

In addition to the above tips, Remedial Membranes also advises that when it comes to replacing anything where water and electricity meet, it’s not just the astronomical cost of repairs, but the danger of electrocution.

Jasmin Aleknavicius, a Remedial Membranes representative, says that, “Maintenance jobs often fall down the list when it comes to must-dos around the home. However, when you multiply the price of current maintenance by up to 100 to get a cost for future repairs, they should go straight back to the top.”

So, when it comes to a leaky shower repair or leaky balcony repair, act now; save later.

About Remedial Membranes:

Founded by experienced tilers and waterproofers, its experts developed a world-class clear and flexible waterproofing membrane for internal and external use. Clear Waterproofing Membrane is similar to waterproofing below except its installed on top and can be used on existing surfaces so there’s no need for rip outs, expensive renovations or weeks of inconvenience. It’s a flexible membrane waterproofing system. Just prepare and clean the area, allow to dry, apply the membrane and it’s done.

Any project installed by Remedial Membranes’ accredited installers comes with the longest warranty in the industry to ensure properties are protected from future effects of water damage for years to come.

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