PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — U.S. Facilities, Inc. (USF), a leading facilities maintenance and infrastructure support services firm based in Philadelphia, has announced Mr. William H. McAfee, III as its new Chief Operating Officer. The announcement, which was issued on Tuesday by the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, James C. Dobrowolski, will take effect immediately.

Mr. Dobrowolski stated that “Bill has played an extremely important role for the organization over the past several years, and I’m certain that he will continue to bring to the company his expertise, talent and most of all an inexorable vitality that will be critical to growing the business and propelling it into bold new directions.”

Mr. McAfee brings over two decades of progressive management experience in all phases of facilities maintenance management to the position. During his career he has directed such services for the Boston and District of Columbia public school systems, and headed facilities management for Johnson & Johnson Products, Inc. in New Brunswick, NJ. He joined USF in 1997, and after several years of providing services as a Consultant and Special Assistant to Chief of Operations, was promoted to Vice President of Business Development in 2005. In the business development role, Mr. McAfee was instrumental in garnering several significant contract awards for USF in Washington, DC.

Mr. McAfee, who, above all matters, champions teamwork and the significance of racial diversity in the workplace, expressed his sincere gratitude for being chosen for the position and stated that he intends “to keep with the company’s mission and to preserve the vision of the President and CEO.”

The organizational announcement came shortly following USF’s awarded four-year contract for facilities operations, maintenance and support services at three of The City of Philadelphia’s largest municipal buildings (TRIPLEX). USF has proudly served federal, state and municipal agencies and commercial enterprises for over forty years, and has a proven record of program success and sustained growth in the industry.

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