EUGENE, Ore. — ProTune Technology, patented by Paradigm Multimedia, provides new ways to design and enhance in-room entertainment systems in health care facilities. This radically new engineering concept for entertainment systems lowers equipment costs and increases the number of choices available when purchasing in-room systems. The HT-24 Tuner Interface is the first product from Paradigm Multimedia that incorporates ProTune Technology. Early reactions from system integrators and hospitals are positive and enthusiastic about the benefits to be realized.

Previously, health care institutions had to purchase televisions containing specialized interface circuitry. This led to procuring low-volume units that were only available at a premium price.

With ProTune Technology, hospitals can now purchase commodity-priced, commercial displays with an on-going cost benefit as the HT 24 unit will support multiple display-replacement cycles. Further, cost is not the only advantage of using ProTune Technology.

Ed Baron, Business Development Manager at Paradigm Multimedia explains that, “Hospitals and other health care institutions have quickly seen the advantages that come with having increased display choices.”

Television systems typically sold to health care institutions come from a limited selection of makes and models; perhaps even worse, the technology used is often “last generation” and stays that way.

The HT-24 interfaces the nurse-call system (at the pillow-speaker) to the LCD-display device. ProTune Technology puts an end to the old method of provisioning. It allows hospitals and healthcare-system integrators to keep the best and most current in-room entertainment systems in the facility – an increasingly important consideration given the importance of image and the measuring of quality today.

“The combined effect of lower cost and more choice,” Baron added, “is creating a before and after effect on how in-room entertainment systems are procured. ProTune Technology is changing the rules: healthcare entertainment systems can now gain all the savings and flexibility of commodity-priced commercial monitors while de-coupling from yesterday’s high-cost, low-choice game.”

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