MODESTO, Calif. — Now, it’s easier than ever get your hands on your very own Oxygenics showerhead! In one of the most exciting developments of the year, ETL(R) is proud to announce that Oxygenics is now available in all Target stores nationwide and online at

Oxygenics showerheads combine a number of features designed to use less water while infusing the water with oxygen. The oxygenated water is forced through an accelerator where it is expelled from the shower in a pleasurable, massaging spray, all at a fraction of the water usage of the average showerhead. Target recognizes the importance of water conservation, but not at the expense of wimpy showers! Customers have been waiting for more places to purchase these showerheads locally, and with the help of Target, Oxygenics showerheads are now available nationwide.

The Oxygenics line of showerheads are known for providing a refreshing, invigorating shower – all while saving valuable water and energy. They have been wildly successful in catalogues, stores, and homes worldwide for over 25 years. Oxygenics patented technology reduces the rate of water flow while maintaining pressure and producing a pleasurable spa-like shower. Additionally, by utilizing a solid Delrin core, Oxygenics prevents clogging, even in the hardest water.

Target is currently offering the Elite(TM) SkinCare(TM) series and the BodySpa(R) handheld series, both in chrome finish, in all stores and online.

ETL, a California-based technology company, has been dedicated to building innovative solutions for today’s marketplace by providing intelligent, high quality and award winning products. ETL is “Defining the Art of Innovation” by developing products that utilize the newest features and highest quality technology has to offer. They are located in Modesto, California.

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