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BOISE, Idaho, Nov 16, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Organic Aromas(R) (, a leading maker of premium Nebulizing Diffusers(R) for aromatherapy, announced today the inception of a special cooperation with a distinguished scholar and doctoral candidate at the prestigious McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The goal and focus of this unique project is to promote the correct use of essential oils, develop a greater understanding of aromatherapy and to attempt to identify and formulate the “best practices” for the industry.

With key support from Organic Aromas(R), Mr. Daniel Almeida, federally funded in 2017 for excellence in the study of the link between childhood abuse and suicide, has entered into a program that will enable him to become a certified aromatherapist with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA).

The hope is that through the attainment of this specialty professional credential Daniel can further discover specific knowledge related to the science of aromatherapy and deepen his understanding of how essential oils work on a molecular, biological and physiological level.

With this complementary study and research, Daniel will construct a “mini-course” where he will publish articles for the Organic Aromas Blog on the topic “The Science of Aromatherapy: From Brain to Behavior” ( ).

Furthermore, anytime Daniel conducts something in the community that involves aromatherapy and mental well-being there will be a separate post called “From Science to Practice.” This direct interaction with the aromatherapy community can be instrumental to the improvement of the understanding of these complex topics. Eventually the plan is to allow specially-selected individual participants the chance to directly ask Daniel the specific questions that interest them in a segment called “Skype with an Expert.”

In an industry bereft of practical information and with a distinct lack of relevant, meaningful contributions to the true understanding of essential oils, their structure and function, Organic Aromas believes these new articles by Daniel will really help enlighten and inspire people from all over the globe.

From home and casual use to professional and clinical use, it is clear that aromatherapy can truly have a material role in increasing well-being and potentially bettering our lives. We hope this substantial contribution to actual learning and education in this industry will lead to greater understanding and potential standardization among vendors and suppliers.

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Organic Aromas(R) is a premium essential oil and aromatherapy brand that manufactures the most effective and beautiful aroma diffuser on the market. Using absolutely no heat, no water and no plastic this Nebulizing Diffuser(TM) can emit a heavy concentration of scent across a large area in a short period of time. These powerful aromatherapy devices can be used to enjoy the full potential therapeutic benefits of only pure essential oils and nothing else. Control a very strong aroma, instantly and for as long as you want it.

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