CHICAGO, Ill. — OpenNETCF Consulting announces the launch of a new product – Padarn – an ASP.NET web server for Windows CE. Designed primarily for embedded applications requiring remote network access for configuration of data access, Padarn is a lightweight ASP.NET web server designed to run under Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0.

It provides a subset of the Microsoft’s ASP .NET which allows OEMs to leverage existing ASP.NET code, and ASP.NET developer resources to get their embedded product to market faster.

“From a technology standpoint, Windows CE does not have an up-to-date web server that is also easy-to-use. This barrier has prevented many embedded-device manufacturers from adopting Windows CE as a platform,” Christopher Tacke, Principal Partner, OpenNETCF explained.

With the release of the Padarn ASP.NET web server, these barriers are removed. Padarn enables customers to bring more robust devices to market faster for less money. It also allows them to share and re-use code while developing assets across desktop and embedded products, providing even greater long-term savings.

Padarn can be used to create web-based front ends for most embedded systems. From test and measurement devices and networking appliances to telematics and controls automation, if a device has network connectivity, Padarn can be used to create a front end that any browser on any platform can reach.

Padarn web pages have full access to device resources, so they can inspect and affect hardware, use databases, and write files with the added advantage of access from any network browser.

If a company has a device to remotely configure, update, query data from or report on, Padarn can help. The guide instructs how to set up a solution for simple debugging and Padarn ships with a sample web site, complete with source that can be used as a template for setting up custom-web solutions.

“OpenNETCF is a recognized leader in the development of .NET Compact Framework solutions,” Steve Hegenderfer, Senior Technical PM for Microsoft, said. “Padarn exemplifies OpenNETCF’s development ingenuity and understanding of the needs of Windows- embedded customers. ASP.NET is a logical extension to the Windows CE platform and OpenNETCF expertly implements it.”

Founded in 2002, OpenNETCF has increased their product portfolio year over year and currently provides 19 commercial and open source developer products.

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