OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — ONEsite, the leading provider of enterprise-class social sites and communities for media, entertainment, and lifestyle brands, today announced the SocialCore Appliance. Built using ONEsite’s patent-pending community technology, SocialCore enables any company to leverage the same platform used by World Wrestling Entertainment, Clear Channel, and Univision to create a customized community.

“We are introducing the ONEsite SocialCore appliance in response to two key demands from the marketplace. First, companies want a stand-alone intranet social platform they can put behind the firewall and integrate with their internal systems. Second, many companies want to quickly implement their own external social network in their own data center. The SocialCore Appliance is the perfect solution for low risk, quick, and secure implementations,” said Bob Crull, CEO ONEsite, Inc.

The SocialCore Appliance delivers the complete suite of ONEsite community and collaborative tools, including blogging, photos, videos, document sharing, tagging, rating, commenting, messaging, forums, mobile posting, and groups.

SocialCore is built on an open architecture of web services to seamlessly integrate with existing websites and systems, including single sign on and registration. Every ONEsite feature can be run in-house, in a company’s own environment. SocialCore delivers the proven performance, scalability, flexibility of ONEsite.

– SocialCore uses the same cluster and caching architecture that delivers the industry-leading performance of the ONEsite Platform.

– 250,000 user capacity on a single appliance, with a clustered architecture to scale for millions of users.

– SocialCore is built on CSS driven layout and design and an open architecture, allowing a highly customizable, integrated implementation.

– SocialCore’s Control Panel allows easy management, administration, moderation, and ongoing customization of the entire environment.

– The SocialCore Appliance will begin shipping in the 3rd quarter of 2008. An exclusive beta release is available this summer for select new clients. Companies interested in participating can contact ONEsite at 405.753.9300 or

About ONEsite:
ONEsite ( has the proven ability to deliver the enterprise-class web experiences demanded by leading media, entertainment, and lifestyle brands. A service-driven company with a dedication to excellence for their customers, ONEsite has launched some of the most distinctive, successful online social sites on the web for Clear Channel, Univision, Capcom, The Telegraph, WWE, and a host of others.

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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