ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Carlton Architecture ascertains there are many benefits to going green when designing new homes. “Clients benefit from the reduced operating costs of a green building, while at the same time the planet benefits from the reduced environmental impact,” says Mr. Carlton, the President of Carlton Architecture, who began his architectural career 12 years ago after graduating from the University of Tennessee.

In a world where there is constant talk of carbon emissions, our effects on the ozone layer, and climate change, it’s the companies who find value in green that will lead us into the future. “Tending to the needs of the environment is as important as tending to the needs of the person when it comes to home design,” according to Mr. Carlton.

Carlton Architecture offers architectural services that go beyond the ordinary. According to their web site,, this green architecture firm “strives to seek the right balance between environmental concerns and aesthetic integrity.” Indeed, judging from photos and drawings of past and future projects to be found on the site, they have succeeded in an extraordinary way.

Mr. Carlton feels that residential architects have a responsibility to create buildings based upon sustainable architecture. This “green architecture” takes advantage of renewable resources, such as sunlight and rainwater, and incorporates “green” building materials in the construction process wherever possible. Green materials include lumber from forests that are sustainably managed, recycled stone and metal, and other non-toxic, reusable products.

“We also need to correct the misimpression that green building is much more expensive than conventional building. It is not,” warns Mr. Carlton. “Conventional wisdom holds that building green adds 17% to construction costs, but the true average is much closer to 5%. And when you look at the savings attributable to the reduced usage of energy and water, and the reduced impact on the environment, there really is no question that building green is the right choice.”

In a world that puts such emphasis on carbon footprints, it is worth noting that studies have shown that nearly 38.1% of all carbon dioxide produced in the United States is attributable to buildings, and of the total energy consumed in the country, buildings use 39.4%. Given these statistics, building green would appear to be crucial for future sustainable growth. Carlton Architecture is a modern architectural firm completely in tune with the times.

Carlton Architecture was founded in 2005 by Rob Carlton of Asheville, N.C. The firm is dedicated to providing custom home and commercial design of unsurpassed quality, while remaining dedicated to the protection of our natural resources. Their web site is located at:

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