LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Noah’s Arcade, a California-based clothing line for boys – newborn to 6T – announces a fun, hip line that caters to the edgy crowd. When co-owners of Noah’s Arcade, Allyson Wagoner and Shannon Hanly, went shopping for their new baby boys, they discovered that the market for cool and happening boy’s apparel was limited.

“Everything was ducks and bears,” Hanly said, “and that was not the kind of clothing that I wanted for my new baby boy.”

Wagoner and Hanly became fast friends after the birth of their first sons. Wagoner was working as a prominent graphic designer in the fashion industry and Hanly was an event coordinator with an eye for flair and detail. They sought clothing inspired by their edgy lifestyles, but came up empty handed.

Noah's Arcade clothing After designing samples for their friends, the two new moms realized that they were not the only ones interested in clothes that were freshly inspired and resembled the duds that their children’s daddies were wearing.

Being creative, and with a sound business sense, the two joined forces to create Noah’s Arcade.

Popular shirts and onesies include: P.I.M.P – “Poopie in My Pants”; “Mohawk”; “Shake, Rattle and Roll”; and “Little Squirt” depicting water gun play.

“Dads may not wear P.I.M.P tees,” Hanly laughs, “but, the message has taken off for their little men.”

Currently, Noah’s Arcade sells t-shirts and onesies. In the fall, their line will be expanded to thermals and hooded sweatshirts. Their alternative fashion line is available in 28 stores throughout southern California and they are expanding, nationwide, in the fall.

Stores where Noah’s Arcade items are sold include, but are not limited to: Kitson Kids, This Little Piggy Wears Cotton, Lisa Kline Kids, and Hush Baby.

Wagoner is the creative director and Hanly is in charge of sales and marketing, but most importantly, they are full-time moms who want to share their trendy and creative designs with others seeking funky and fun clothing for their kids.

“Expression is key when it comes to fashion,” Wagoner said, “and we want to make sure that people have choices.”

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