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LOS ANGELES, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Segoma Imaging Technologies will be launching its next generation of diamond 360 imaging technology soon. Segoma has revolutionized the diamond industry by providing diamond traders and buyers with what they really need: the ability to view any diamond – exactly as it is – in 360 degrees.

When it comes to evaluating a diamond's shape, color, clarity, beauty and sparkle, viewing a diamond photographed by Segoma in 360 degrees is as holding the stone in your hand. This proprietary technology replaces the need to evaluate diamonds in person, saving countless shipping hours and unnecessary flights around the world.

"Our first generation of diamond scanners were built to document reality and ensure accuracy, transparency and security. Our next generation of automatic diamond scanners give the ability to see a diamond from all sides while allowing to see the exact shape color clarity and cut of a diamond in a way which was never before possible, even better than our first generation," says Litan Yahav, CEO of Segoma.

Yahav added, "Gone are the days of sending physical diamonds to prospective buyers. It costs too much, the risk is too high, and there is a more efficient way. Our diamond scanners now enable to capture diamonds in all their magnificence – at the highest possible resolution – to make inspecting a diamond an ease and a pleasure."

Segoma is already an established name for digital diamond display. Many savvy customers already demand "a Segoma" from traders and manufacturers before they contemplate finalizing a purchase. Segoma reports that since the beginning of this year, already two and a half million potential buyers have viewed almost a hundred thousand of Segoma images, resulting in millions of dollars in sales.

Ever since Segoma launched its first generation cutting-edge diamond imagery, competitors have worked tirelessly to try and replicate the same success. Segoma's images are completely authentic – they do not undergo any image processing or manipulation and/or aesthetic enhancements. What you see is what you get.

Segoma's photography centers are located within the main diamond bourses in the world – Mumbai, New York and Ramat Gan – allowing diamond dealers the flexibility to send diamonds directly and receive them back on the next business day.

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