BROOKLYN, N.Y. — GlassesUSA recently launched its eyeglasses brand new marketing program within the framework of Commission Junction, a division of ValueClick, Inc. The program is aimed at webmasters who wish to increase their income with revenue shares by becoming affiliates of GlassesUSA.

“This is a great opportunity for GlassesUSA to increase our marketing efforts and broaden our brand awareness within the platform of Commission Junction,” stated marketing director, Hillary Rubin. She continued, “We are proud to launch this program with Commission Junction as they are a leader in the marketing industry and can help us increase our online sales.”

GlassesUSA is a cooperative group based in Brooklyn, New York, that believes vision care should not be a luxury but rather a necessity. They set out to change the way Americans bought prescription glasses ( and perceived vision care. They are hoping to change the world of vision care and eyeglasses by providing customers with “quality eyeglasses at affordable prices” and with the best possible customer service available. By changing the standards of commerce, GlassesUSA hopes other eye care providers will follow suit.

By teaming up with Commission Junction for their affiliate program, GlassesUSA can expand their customer base and readership for its blog with the help of their affiliates. Selected affiliates log into their Commission Junction publisher site and select which banners, links, or text they would like to use on their site. GlassesUSA has a team of experienced affiliate team managers that help the affiliates with anything from creating newsletters to finding the best possible locations for better conversion rates.

Since its inception, GlassesUSA has turned into an organization committed to philanthropy and consumer education. Always reaching out to its customers with new and innovative ways to save money, GlassesUSA supports many affiliates that give back to their communities. Some affiliates have cash back programs for their visitors and others have programs that give charitable gifts to selected organizations.

Commission Junction ( provides many companies and organizations with advanced performance marketing solutions to help them increase their online leads and sales. The Commission Junction program is designed to help facilitate and foster relationships between what they call “advertisers” and “publishers.” This proven tactic is translated into numbers and sales for clients. Its parent company, Value Click, Inc., is one of the world’s largest and most profitable online marketing service companies. They deliver low-cost customer acquisitions for advertisers and help boost revenue streams for publishers.

So far, affiliates in the GlassesUSA “superstar” program number into the thousands with many profitable click to sales conversions. Many of the affiliates listed in the program run coupon sites. Eyeglasses have become an instant hit for those who do not want prescription frames as Americans look for cheaper accessories for their wardrobe. Those not wanting to spend $200 (US) on non-prescription eyeglasses for fashion purposes are turning to GlassesUSA and its affiliates for help and saving hundreds in the process.

Those interested in applying to the GlassesUSA affiliate program may go to