NEW YORK, N.Y. — Online jewelry retailer is making buying diamond engagement rings even easier with the exciting launch of their exclusive one-step Perfectly Set™ engagement rings. With this innovative process – unique to James Allen – a shopper can select an engagement ring that is pre-set with a beautiful diamond. If the shopper wishes to upgrade the diamond pre-selected for the ring, he can then choose from six diamonds especially chosen by James Allen’s diamond experts. It is engagement ring shopping made simple, eliminating the need to take the 4 C’s crash course before buying your engagement ring.

jamesallen diamondsAny pre-selected diamonds are James Allen “Gemologist-Select™”, so a shopper can be confident that he is getting an exceptional ring at exceptional value. With’s cutting-edge Perfectly Set™ engagement rings, the difficult process of finding the right diamond is made easy: One click to the perfect ring.

Company Founder James Allen Schultz notes that, “Choosing the right diamond engagement ring can be a confusing process. By using the exclusive Perfectly Set rings, the shopper can relax, knowing that only the finest diamonds at the best value have been pre-selected by our certified gemologists. strives to make buying a diamond engagement ring as easy as possible, and for the best possible price.”

With the recession causing people to look for bargains, many consumers are looking to the internet when shopping. While buying diamonds online is a relatively new idea, it is an ideal way to get high quality at much more affordable prices, provided that a shopper is buying from a reputable retailer. “When buying James Allen’s Perfectly Set diamond engagement rings, the shopper still has all of the options as when buying any diamond,” says Schultz. He can still view his specific diamond through a virtual loupe and in a 3-D movie, and can always call our excellent customer service to ask any questions.”

He goes on to add that, “Our Perfectly Set engagement rings have the same affordable pricing as any of our other rings, and carry our 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. By choosing an exclusive Perfectly Set engagement ring, the shopper is simply making a fantastic purchase without having to take the Diamond 4 C’s Crash Course.”