JAMESTOWN, N.Y. — Libera, a software company based in Jamestown, New York, is proud to offer a number of .net internet thin client “customizable off the shelf (COTS)” solutions built using the Libera System 7 Framework(TM). These include products such as System 7 Survey Builder(TM), System 7 Issue Tracking System (ITS)(TM), System 7 Time Tracker (TT)(TM), System 7 Project Manager & Scheduler(TM), as well as customized information management systems and case management systems for any market using Libera’s Framework.

According to the company, “Our approach has been to provide worker-based architectures that expedite information gathering and administrative reporting. Over the last seventeen years, we have developed and refined proven solutions by balancing worker needs, administrative functions, and regulatory reporting. The culmination of these efforts is our flagship product, the System 7 Framework(TM).”

Libera has the pleasure to announce that it has recently acquired majority share of Pintexx. Pintexx is a Germany based IT company focused on development of thin client cross browser software components, applications, and consulting.

The name Pintexx is an acronym for Platform INdependent TECHnologieS. Pintexx’s strategy is based on system and browser independent components and applications for different web technologies like ASP.Net, ASP, JSP and PHP. Pintexx is focused to professional WYSIWYG HTML editing and browser-based word processor solutions with highly developed user interfaces.

For more information please visit the company websites at and

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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