NEW YORK, N.Y. — Innovation Framework Technologies (IFT) today announced that Stage-Gate International (SGI) the most recognized and trusted market leader in product innovation methods and best practices has endorsed the IFT-NPD software solution for organizations looking at optimizing their innovation and new product development practices. SGI has re-certified IFT-NPD for the second time, this time raising the bar with the introduction of their latest version of certification criteria. IFT-NPD is the first solution to be certified on Stage-Gate Ready version II criteria, achieving passing scores on all 195 mandatory and optional criteria.

“I strongly recommend all would-be buyers of New Product Development software to ask for Stage-Gate Ready Certified solutions, even if your company does not deploy a traditional Stage-Gate process. We want to help organizations take advantage of innovation productivity tools, such as IFT-NPD, that can help advance business performance.” said Dr. Robert Cooper, President of Stage-Gate International.

IFT-NPD offers a best-in class, integrated solution for companies willing to enhance the performance of their NPD process in Idea Management, Idea-to-Launch, Portfolio Management, Resource Management and Project Management.

“The present worldwide economic situation has put an even higher pressure on corporations to innovate and to maximize their new product success while keeping costs down,” said Patrick Ternier, CEO of Innovation Framework Technologies. “The next generation of product and services of most companies will be born out of good decisions made at this unique moment in time and our IFT NPD solution offers the ultimate answer to these challenges.”

“Stage-Gate Ready Certification continues to be the most comprehensive evaluation of software products in this market. It helps our prospective clients considerably, providing expert and objective validation of the software capabilities of our solution. Additionally, we have found the process of being re-certified invaluable in guiding our own product roadmap and deepening our expertise in Stage-Gate best practices. This combination of certified software and best-practice knowledge has helped us deliver significant results for our clients,” commented Colin Palombo, Managing Partner, Americas.

“Maintaining active Stage-Gate Ready Certification status requires an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement from participating vendors,” says Michelle Jones, Executive Vice President of Stage-Gate International. “At SGI, we stay on top of emerging best practices and key industry trends and we build these expectations into the Program by systematically updating Stage-Gate Ready Certification criteria. Certified vendors are required to re-certify every other year.

Innovation Framework Technologies is the first vendor to achieve re-certification status on Stage-Gate Ready Certification Criteria Version II.”

About Innovation Framework Technologies

Innovation Framework Technologies helps companies transform their innovation management processes to reduce time-to-market and grow profits and market share. The IFT-NPD solution combines market-leading software with specialist consulting advice to deliver results quickly, sustainably and cost effectively. IFT-NPD is exclusively focused on improving key innovation management practices: idea generation and management, product portfolio management, resource management, Stage-Gate NPD governance, product and technology road-mapping and project management.

The IFT solution embeds software used by multiple companies world-wide to manage over $40 billion annually in R&D and is used in a range of industries like high-tech, consumer goods, automotive, energy, and life sciences.

With headquarters in New York and Paris, IFT operates throughout America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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