AUSTIN, Texas — The new website, From The Front (, takes viewers on a tour through the trenches and war camps by combining the soldier blog entries, videos, and images onto one site. From The Front, launched in July, aggregates real frontline experiences from thousands of troops stationed in military hotspots. Any soldier can register their own, already existing blogs from sites such as or Their blog entries are then automatically updated and featured on the site.

Censored only for spam and pornographic material, the stories on From The Front can portray anything from the glory of victorious battles to the heart wrenching sadness of death and destruction.

Sponsored by FlvorFul (, an online video advertising site, From The Front donates all proceeds to the Armed Forces Relief Trust.

“I want to accomplish two things,” says Jake Varghese, owner of “I’d like to see a central place for Americans to see what our troops are going through … from their own mouths instead of filtered by government or media. I also want to help raise money for their families.”

For more information, email Jake Varghese at or call him at (877) 821-8022 x701.


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