LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Recognizing the need for another effective medium, H. Lewis Smith, author of “Bury that Sucka” (ISBN: 1413792693), is the founder of a new non-profit organization, United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. The organization pledges and holds true “to not use the n-word as they strive toward cultural integrity and mutual respect for all Americans and to offer uncompromising resistance to social forces and structures which deny or limit their ability to do so. It is their intent to promote racial harmony, self-respect, pride and dignity affirming the highest of standards and values for the African American communities.” In light of the “Kramer” Richards episode, UVCC is concerned about a developing climate in America and how the news media is possibly linked to it.

H. Lewis SmithMichael “Kramer” Richards has been broiled, skewered and dragged over the coals for his horrendous display of racial epithet unmatched in recent times. The African American community, justifiably so…was immensely appalled at such audacity. However, one can’t help but to wonder whether or not Richards has-through the news media-conveniently become a sacrificial lamb to ease and relieve the guilty consciousness of an institutionalized, systematized deeply rooted apathy that happened to erupt through him. *(Photo Caption: H. Lewis Smith)

At some point white America must face up to black America and ask, since this word is so offensive, “Why is it so casually used by African Americans?” Is this a slight of hand reversed discrimination? Isn’t this a classic example of a double-standard? These are questions that should be openly asked and needs to be asked. White America is a simmering teapot that is about to boil over and it will have nothing to do with being a racist. Often times what is misconstrued as racial discrimination is nothing more than a reaction reflective of human nature. Many whites are fearful of being labeled a racist and is therefore allowing their pent-up emotions to build and it is building to a boiling point. As sensitive of an issue the n-word is…it needs to be openly dealt with.

On that note, black proponents of the n-word retort would be as follows: Refusing to be held accountable for any of this brouhaha, the black n-word apologist will rattle off and try to justify their use of the word that they are taking the sting out of it, desensitizing it, will go so far as to apply the acceptance of the ghetto vernacular saying that by replacing “er” nigger with “a” nigga makes a difference and that nigga implies affection, love and endearment.

Proponents of the neo-revisionist use of nigga contend they have “reclaimed” the word and robbed it of its racist connotations. There are many prominent black Americans who support the usage of this word. For example, Ron Dellums, an American politician once said that “it’s time for somebody to lead all of America’s niggers.”

Daman Wayans, has applied for a trademark of the name nigga to use on a clothing line and other marketable items. Comedian, turned activist, Dick Gregory is a proponent of the word and years ago he entitled his autobiography…Nigger. During a panel discussion at the Summer Television Critics Association tour in 2005, Aaron McGruder, creator of the popular comic strip, Boondocks, defiantly used the word with the explanation that everybody does it.

Harvard professor Randal Kennedy authored a book entitled Nigger, received rave reviews (from the news media) for his pro stance on usage of the word. Someone by the name of Tyrone, who refuses to say what race he is, owns a website called and it is supported by thousands upon thousands of young black members many of whom are under 18 years of age.

Rapper, 50 cents, uses the word nigga more than 180 times on his CD Grow Rich or Die Trying. And he is just one of many rappers who repeatedly recites the word on their CDs. So why is it so surprising as to what came up and out of Michael Richards’ mouth? Granted he said more than just the n-word, he went way over the line with his racist acidity rhetoric. The black community was victimized with his comments, but as irony would have it, Richards’ too, is a victim and yes the country as a whole is a victim. Victims of a terrible negative destructive energy that vibirates from this word, holding an entire nation hostage.

At some point black America must become accountable. At some point the news media must become multilateral in covering the news scene. There are many African Americans who are simply fed up with the actions of the black propronents use of the n-word and this never, ever gets into the news. There are movements afoot to ban and abolish the n-word in the black community…it goes unreported.

H. Lewis Smith suggests that by referring to one another as niggers (nigga) the black American community are in fact unknowingly debasing and victimizing themselves, NOT keeping their heritage alive, as some may think.

In order to combat problems of racial discrimination, abuse and prejudice, which will never truly disappear, Smith reflects in Bury that Sucka on how we can achieve a better understanding of the detrimental effect the casual use of this word is having on both the individual and society as a whole.

H. Lewis Smith is the Founder/CEO of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. ( a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of, promoting cultural integrity and mutual respect for all Americans. Mr. Smith is also the author of “Bury that Sucka, A Scandalous Love Affair With the N-word” (ISBN: 1413792693)

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