SANTA FE, N.M. — Most of us aren’t sure how to stay strong in these challenging times, but research suggests that there’s a great way to keep an edge, and to come through a winner, despite the chaos all around. Watching the bank account in fear and trying to outsmart the economy isn’t the way! Building a strong physical, emotional, and spiritual foundation is. The guys at Transformational Life Guidance with Dr. Mark, a division of Mark A. Arcuri, PhD, Inc., have the secret that we all need to know.

“The world is crazy enough,” says two local guys who, based on the research, joined forces to create a powerful way to live dreams no matter what the times, at

“We thought we would teach people how much easier it is to create the reality that they want to live rather than to be bound by someone else’s,” Dr. Mark Arcuri and Joseph Garcia explain.

Dr. Mark and Joseph developed a program that for the first time brings the body, mind, and soul into alignment for a common purpose, by tailoring a multidimensional and multimodal fitness training experience to each participant’s needs and desires. Boot Camp and Beyond is a five-session program grounded in sound evidence-based methods, that supports life satisfaction by combining a personalized indoor/outdoor fitness program with an ongoing seminar series encouraging emotional and spiritual transformation and based on Dr. Mark’s popular book, “A Life Aligned: The Journey to Allowing the Magic in Your Life.” Boot Camp and Beyond provides all that is necessary for anyone to keep achieving long after the series of classes ends.

“Participants finish the program with what they need to continue evolving at home, with or without our continued mentorship. The result either way is the strength and resilience on every level to create and to live dreams, as we all have the right to do, no matter what might be happening in the outer reality!”

All that is required is the willingness to say that today is the day to start.

Dr. Mark Arcuri founded Transformational Life Guidance with Dr. Mark in 1987 as an outgrowth of his traditional psychology practice, to offer hope and tools for people wanting to create dramatic change in their lives. Joseph Garcia, a nationally certified fitness trainer, joined Dr. Mark’s team in 2008, allowing Transformational Life Guidance to offer comprehensive services in support of the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges brought on by true transformation. Through onsite seminars, group instruction, and with online and phone-based services, Dr. Mark and Joseph have helped hundreds of individuals find and live their greatest dreams.

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