LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Arbella Enterprises, Inc. ( has announced the availability of their new laptop table called the “Laptop Cool Table.” It is a unique product that combines a cooling pad with a laptop table. It quickly turns a laptop into a portable desktop by raising the computer to a comfortable level. The most unique feature of the Laptop Cool Table is its cooling ability. Laptop batteries can get very hot during use. The table houses two built-in USB fans which help to cool the laptop’s battery for optimal performance and prolonged life. The table’s USB cord easily connects to the laptop USB port which powers the table’s fans. The user has the option of using the table as a flat cooling pad by leaving the legs folded.

Laptop Cool TableThe flexible design enables users to easily place their laptop in the most comfortable position. Raising the laptop reduces sore wrists/back and keeps the hot battery from burning the user’s legs. The unit requires no assembly and adjusts in seconds. The legs extend vertically and horizontally and work independently. This enables the user to adjust the unit, regardless of the surface, i.e. the desk, the bed, the couch or the floor.

Lightweight and compact construction make’s the table ideal for traveling wherever you take your laptop. Unlike many other laptop tables that have lengthy assembly steps, the Laptop Cool Table sets up and folds down quickly. Also with no parts to assemble there are never missing or lost pieces. This versatile table is ready for the indoors, outdoors, home or office. It is constructed of sturdy tubular aluminum and plexiglass that will last for many years.

Arbella Enterprises has produced many unique inventions and does not compromise on quality. The company’s focus is to provide the highest quality of products at affordable prices. They are located in Los Angeles, Calif., and they have been in business for 15 years.

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