JAMESBURG, N.J. — Namaste Holistics, a company focused on guiding and supporting people in reaching their health goals through small manageable lifestyle changes, announced today that it has begun a comprehensive community education. The company offers a variety of services which are complementary to modern medicine, such as integrative nutritional consultations, perspective counseling, massage therapy, meditation, nutritional seminars, and spiritual workshops.

Through their flagship service, Namaste Nutrition, the team at Namaste Holistics helps clients discover how food and lifestyle affect their health, happiness and wellbeing. This program explores nutritional concepts such as bio-individuality, crowding out unhealthy food, deconstructing cravings, the energetics of food, the food/mood connection, integrative nutrition, weight loss, whole foods/processed foods, and the value of greens and whole grains. Clients learn how to incorporate a variety of elements of healthy eating and living such as achieving balance, eating with environmental consciousness, exploring relationships, healthy shopping, journal writing, menu planning, personal growth, physical activity, and spirituality. At the end of the program the goal is for the client to be educated and have greater confidence in the expert within herself or himself to make healthy choices.

“The whole body approach to health is not a new concept. However, I think that we are inundated with conflicting messages by ‘experts’ which confuse us. We forget that we can be our own expert. No one knows us better than we know ourselves,” said Taz, Founder, Massage Therapist and Integrative Nutritional Consultant of Namaste Holistics. “We need to go back to the basics and be educated in what is available to us so we can provide ourselves and future generations with the health needed to continue living the ‘American Dream’.”

A special quality of the programs of Namaste Holistics is found in individualized services merged with the group support each client receives. Multiple components are provided in each program such as nutritional counseling and educational seminars, spiritual workshops, support group meetings, massage therapy, and a health and wellness group discussion board. These program features reinforce one another and intertwine with all aspects of life. The diverse offerings allow each counselor to make the program very individualized. Additionally, each counselor specializes in a different area of concern, such as peri- and post-menopausal women, a healthy diet that supports cancer, making radical diet changes, or establishing a healthy lifestyle for people who work in a corporate or entrepreneurial arena.

“Each one of us at Namaste Holistics knows through experience that what works for one person does not work for another. We truly listen to our clients to find out what their needs are. Some may need a massage in order to slow down, and some may need a meditation session to get to the same place. So we invite anyone who has a health concern to schedule an initial consultation with us.” concluded Taz.

People who are interested in discussing their health concerns are encouraged to contact Taz at Namaste Holistics at 609-642-1234 or via email at health There is no charge for the initial consultation which takes approximately 30-minutes and can be done via telephone.

About the Company
Namaste Holistics is a private company that offers a variety of complementary non-invasive modalities in efforts to help people gain a fuller experience of life. Offerings include nutritional counseling, engagement in meditation, or a variety of other therapeutic offerings. A synergistic combination of healthy practices can be helpful in promoting healing. We also offer workshops that provide clients with valuable information, opportunities for sharing, and other experiential activities. Workshop participation provides our clients with a fuller context for understanding and implementing their own course of healing. Namaste Holistics was founded on a belief in bio-individuality and all program offerings reflect that belief.

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