BOULDER, Colo. — KollegeTV is a series about four college students trying to navigate the path to graduate between classes, parties and relationships. The new online comedy series about college life begins webcasting in November on and will post new webisodes every week.

The series is directed by Bill Allard, co-founder of the legendary comedy group, Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre who Newsweek called “an American Monty Python”. Head writer, Merle Kessler, also a Duck’s Breath alum, has penned numerous comedy books including “Ian Schoales Perfect World” and as a comedian appeared regularly on NPR’s “All Things Considered” and ABC’s “Nightline” as the satirical social critic “Ian Shoales.” He currently writes the House of Blues Radio Hour for Dan Aykroyd.

“KollegeTV” is a cross between “Friends” and “Saturday Night Live,” shot in the style of new webisode series like “PromQueen.TV,” says Director Allard. “The issues for college students are the same as they have always been – relationships, parents, money, and grades. The only difference is the communication devices and the internet.”

The series is produced by Colorado based film producer, Peter Garrity, and was shot in Boulder, Colorado. “We’re reaching the college audience through its favorite medium, the internet,” Garrity says. “Today’s college students spend more time online than watching TV.”

“KollegeTV” is one of a small but increasing number of professionally produced, original series on the Internet. “Its exciting to be on the cutting edge of creating a new medium,” says actor Jason Griffith. “When you’re doing things that no one else is, it’s like being out there without a safety net: terrifying and thrilling at the same time.”

“The small screen used to mean your TV, now it’s an even smaller window on your laptop,” says Garrity. “But we’ve still filled it with lots of production value. We hung our cast from a zip line during a mountain climbing scene, trashed an entire house for the ‘morning after’ episode, and converted a theatre to a film studio.”

KollegeTV will feature 2-3 minute episodes, three times a week, with spin-off content filling in the off days. The first episode debuts November 5.

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Valerie G, editor at CANW
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