COLUMBUS, Ohio — Leader Technologies announced today that Central State University is adopting its health and safety alerting product, Leader Alert(R), for use at its Wilberforce and Dayton, Ohio campuses of more than 2,200 students. According to CSU president John W. Garland: “This decision underlines our commitment to our students’ safety in emergency situations.” Leader Alert(R), in use at the CSU campuses as of this month, is the creation of Leader Technologies of Columbus, Ohio. This communications service makes it possible for a college or university to quickly and simultaneously alert thousands of students, faculty and staff by telephone, texting, and email in case of emergencies ranging from lurking predators to snow days.

Garland says: “Central State believes that Leader Alert offers peace of mind to parents and students – we know that parents want to be sure that the university is taking all reasonable precautions in emergency situations, and we will now be able to contact all of our students and faculty and staff within minutes.”

Garland added that given today’s unstable economy, the university also chose Leader Alert(R) because “it is not only superior alerting technology, but it is the most cost-effective system we have seen.”

Leader Alert(R) is already in use at a number of universities, Leader Chairman Mike McKibben said. “For instance, in February of this year, Portsmouth-based Shawnee State University used Leader Alert to issue an emergency message about an assault that was received within minutes by all 3,549 students, faculty, and staff.”

Leader’s alerting and audio conferencing services were used extensively by the Governor of Louisiana’s Office in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, after many of the state’s other communications systems had failed.

Although university president Garland envisions using Leader Alert(R) for campus-related warnings and notifications, Leader Alert(R) has diverse applications ranging from terrorist attack simulations to early storm warnings. It is currently in use as a health and safety alerting tool on school and college campuses across the United States.

About Central State University

Central State University is the only public Historically Black University in Ohio and was founded in 1887. The University provides access to public higher education for all citizens of Ohio, and throughout the country. Central State University is dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning, scholarship, and public service in a values-based environment. For more information, go online to .

About Leader

Leader Technologies Incorporated is a software development and marketing company specializing in unified communications. Its technology framework, the Digital Leaderboard(R) system – recently awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,139,761 – provides an array of communications services to commerce, education and government. Leader’s current brands include Leader Phone(R) and Leader Dialog(R) for audio conferencing, Leader Alert(R) for alerting services, and Leader News(R) for alerting with news services. Leader provided the primary communications and collaboration system for the Governor of Louisiana in the state’s Hurricane Katrina disaster response.

Leader has also provided counter terrorism support to the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense, including alerting technologies to Terrorex ’04 in Las Vegas. Following the Virginia Tech tragedy, Leader Alert(R) is now deployed with increasing frequency within secondary and higher education for school safety and security applications.

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