JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — announced today its confidential matching program is available nationwide. Their exclusive “Elder Elves Preferences Questionnaire” of 50+ fun, yet selective, questions matches elder singles desiring homes to share with other elder singles having homes to share.

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Program was prompted both by increasing numbers of elder singles, as our nation’s longevity extends; and economic pressures often placed on elder singles by increasing living costs and decreasing purchasing power of fixed incomes.

The major problem in elder single home sharing is finding the right person with whom to share. For those not having friends or family contacts, it takes a broad base of potential sharers to both find and select true matches.

This process is very personal and does require confidentiality of all is always maintained.’s program provides such confidentiality, for no preferences questionnaires are relayed at any time. Also, program does not disclose anyone’s identity.

In addition, program must be easily affordable to all elder singles desiring home sharing. Registrant cost is $30 for three months registration and free “Elder Elves Preferences Questionnaire.’

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