MADISON, Wis. — Building on the success of “Why Mommy is a Democrat” and “Why Daddy is a Democrat,” author and political activist Jeremy Zilber announces the release of his third self-published children’s book, “Mama Voted for Obama!” (ISBN: 978-0-9786688-2-2). With its Seuss-like use of repetition, rhythm, and rhyme, “Mama Voted for Obama” offers a whimsical celebration of Obama’s historic presidential campaign while providing his supporters an entertaining way to let their kids know how they voted in 2008.

In 2005, while working as a professor of political science, Zilber wrote and self-published “Why Mommy is a Democrat.” The book quickly became a favorite topic of bloggers and talk radio hosts – even Rush Limbaugh couldn’t resist lampooning it on the air – and was later featured on CNN, MSNBC, and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Sold primarily through Zilber’s own website,, “Why Mommy is a Democrat” is now one of the most successful self-published children’s books of all time, with approximately 30,000 copies sold.

“To be honest,” admits Zilber, “I wasn’t sure I’d sell 100 copies. But the response has been phenomenal. A lot of Democrats are obviously eager to find new ways to talk to their kids about politics, and I think that’s great.”

In 2007, Zilber wrote a sequel for Daddy Democrats, which he also sells through his website. “I believe it’s a good idea for all parents to get their kids interested in politics at an early age,” explains the life-long Democrat, “but of course I think it’s especially important for progressive parents to make sure their kids know where they stand on the big issues of the day. Hopefully, my books make it a little easier.”

Despite obvious similarities, “Mama Voted for Obama!” represents a bit of a departure from the first two books. Zilber worked with a new illustrator for this project, Greg Bonnell, of Columbus, Ohio, whose playful images complement the book’s lighter, cheerful, and less overtly political tone. “She didn’t vote for a llama, Mama voted for Obama!” exclaims one page. “She didn’t vote for an iguana or piranha, Mama voted for Obama!”

In addition to encouraging progressive parents to share their political beliefs with their kids, Zilber is supporting progressive causes by donating a percentage of his profits to Democratic candidates and left-leaning organizations. He also offers significant discounts to organizations wanting to use his books as fundraising items.

While some critics express concern that political children’s books will further polarize an already polarized nation, Zilber disagrees. “My books aren’t attacks on Republicans, they’re a celebration of Democrats, progressivism, and Barack Obama. Telling your kids you voted for Obama or explaining why you support the Democratic Party won’t cause them to hate anyone. Whether we like it or not, our kids are constantly bombarded with negative messages about politicians and political parties, and those messages need to be balanced with positive ones. Parents need to make sure their kids know what they’re for, not just what they’re against.”

Title: “Mama Voted for Obama!”
Author: Jeremy Zilber
Illustrator: Greg Bonnell
ISBN: 978-0-9786688-2-2
Publisher: Jeremy Zilber (self-published)
Publication date: September, 2008
Pages: 24
Format: Paperback
Trim: 7″ x 9″
More information online:

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