VANCOUVER, Canada — Authors John and Jeannette Kerr of Focal Impressions are excited to announce the publication of their first book, “Mines, Minerals and Mustangs” (ISBN: 978-0-9809603-0-3), scheduled to be released on April 10, 2008.

“Mines, Minerals and Mustangs,” is a testament to Nevada’s wild horses and dreams of gold. The state’s abandoned past reveals a rich panorama of old ghost towns, lapsed mining claims, daunting landscape and living legends — the wild Mestengo horses.

Mines, Minerals and Mustangs The book captures the romance of Nevada’s past as seen through the eyes of photographer, Jeannette Kerr, and her husband and geologist, John Kerr. Together, they share their love affair with this awesome country and its history through breathtaking photography of wild horse “gathers,” old mines, and stories of personal encounters with an early generation of miners.

“This beautiful book honors the mustang and is a treat to the eye,” Monty Roberts, author of “Shy Boy: The Horse that came in from The Wild,” says.

For thousands of years, horses have played an important role in the lives of humans. Using horses as pack animals, early inhabitants came to risk their future on the fickle fate of mining. Few succeeded, however all left their legacy in the mountains and valleys of this expansive country.

“To observe them and to marvel at their social structure and hierarchy at a water hole is enchanting,” Jeanette explains. “To gaze into their frenzied eyes at a roundup and see their quivering flesh and aborted leaps as the trap door closes behind them is heartbreaking, although it is a necessary component of their overall survival.”

She adds that, “The sight of a herd of wild mustangs skimming over the sage desert with manes and tails flying in the sunset nourishes the soul with romantic allegories of freedom.”

In the words of Velma “Wild Horse Annie” Johnson, “These horses belong to all the people of America and they exist on lands that belong to all the people of America.”

Prospectors and mustangs developed a symbiotic relationship. En route to the Californian-gold camps in the mid-1800s, together, they discovered a world of wealth in Nevada, particularly in Virginia City where the Comstock silver and gold-lode deposits were found.

Although 1859 is recognized as the year these deposits were discovered, many believe the original discoveries date back to the 1840s. Twenty million tons of ore were eventually mined in Virginia City, producing approximately 200 million ounces of silver and 8.3 million ounces of gold. At today’s market value of $20 per ounce for silver and $1,000 per ounce for gold, this represents 12.3 billion dollars worth of precious metals.

“Mines, Minerals and Mustangs” is a 192-page Smythe-sewn, 8.5 x 11 hard cover book with dust jacket; it’s a perfect complement to any nature lover’s coffee table and holds special appeal for photographers, prospectors and wild-horse enthusiasts.

“Mines, Minerals and Mustangs” can be purchased on-line for $49.95 CAN at:

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