BOSTON, Mass. — Managing millennials has become a hot topic around the water cooler and a newly-released book questions if your company has what it takes to compete in the 21st century. Intern Bridge, Inc. announces the release of “Total Internship Management: The Employer’s Guide to Building the Ultimate Internship Program” (ISBN: 978-0-9799373-9-2).

Authored by Richard Bottner, president and CEO of Intern Bridge, Inc., this first book about business internships for millennials helps to close the gap between interns and their employers. The content is derived from one of the largest internship-only research projects ever conducted – the New England Internship Study. Readers will learn how to maximize their internship program’s effectiveness while addressing intern needs.

“‘Total Internship Management’ is a must-have resource for internship managers, coordinators, and supervisors,” says Bottner.

One college relations manager agrees and says, “This is an extremely comprehensive guide to internships for organizations that are either just beginning their college relations programs, or that want to improve their internship program. Many wise philosophical views and program tips have been included.”

The book is based on the comprehensive research of over 6,000 students and 240 high-profile organizations. It also offers innovative articles by leading industry experts on typically unaddressed aspects of internship programs. Topics include: understanding the millennial generation, successful assessment methods, effective coaching tactics, relevant legal issues, and more.

“Whether your company currently hosts one intern, or 100,” adds Bottner, “this guide reveals how organizations can benefit from a successfully-implemented internship program.”

Bottner, a proud member of the millennial generation, has been invited to speak at numerous conferences including the National Association of Colleges and Employers; Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers; the Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers; the New York State Cooperative and Experiential Education Association; and the New England Association for Cooperative Education and Field Experience.

Intern Bridge ( is a college relations research and consulting firm with a specific focus on undergraduate-level internships. They help organizations to structure programs, perform recruiting and marketing tasks, select interns and supervisors, determine compensation, conduct evaluations, deliver orientation programming, provide payroll, and more.

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