SILVERADO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — The credit crisis is on everyone’s minds. But, complicated media jargon is nothing more than mumbo jumbo to the average person on the street. That’s why author Tony Pallante has written a book that clearly defines the current credit crisis, “From Your Wallets to Their Pockets” (ISBN: 978-1440108044, hardcover). “I wrote this book to give the average person an insider’s view in a language that can be easily grasped,” Pallante says. “The book is written for both lay people and financial professionals who want to be educated about the mortgage industry and to see the whole picture, not just bits and pieces.”

“From Your Wallets to Their Pockets,” helps readers to clearly understand the current credit crisis and explains how current solutions are privatizing profits and socializing losses.

The historical perspective provides insight into how this crisis is different from previous ones. It examines a shift in traditional bank/client relationships to a relationship that is much more complex and includes multiple borrowers, banks, brokerages and investors.

“From Your Wallets to Their Pockets” has received a great deal of praise. One reader sums it up as follows: “This is the book that I have waited for. Tony presents this important issue in an easy to follow, yet scholarly way. His long and broad-based financial services’ experience rushes at you.”

The author has a credible reputation in the financial industry and has been referred to as the “go-to-guy” in many financial circles. He brings responsibility and integrity to this topic and financial experts agree that the book provides an excellent education for lay people with a curiosity, and should also be required reading in the banking business and associated industries.

About the Author

Tony Pallante is the CEO of Performance Capital Services, a management consulting firm that advises financial services industry clients. He has more than 25 years of experience as a consultant and executive helping financial organizations in strategy development and strategic execution. He lives in Orange County, CA with his wife Michelle.

“From Your Wallets to Their Pockets” is currently available at: Amazon .com and BarnesandNoble .com.

Published in November 2008 by iUniverse, the book is available in hardcover (ISBN-13: 978-1440108044) and paperback (ISBN-13: 978-1440108020) and is 144 pages in length.

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