YORKTOWN, Va. — Anttyr Publishing, a Virginia-based publishing company, announces the release of a new book “The Day I Found Me” (ISBN: 978-0-9790328-1-3). The book centers on a young girl’s struggle to escape a life of abuse and unhappiness; it draws the reader in through a well-documented journey that provides a sense of hope and closure.

Authored by Rose Marie, the book was written from the heart. From a young age, Rose Marie was in and out of foster homes before being sent to live with her grandmother in Virginia. After her grandmother’s death, she was returned to her mother who was still unable to handle the demanding needs of a teenage girl.

Eve, the main character in “The Day I Found Me” finds herself in unpleasant situations, time and time again. After living in various foster homes, she ends up at her grandmother’s house where an aunt does not welcome her and an uncle is sexually abusive.

After Eve’s grandmother dies, she returns to live with her mother where she is raped by her mother’s boyfriend, and consequently gives birth to his child. She graduates from high school and leaves home to try to recapture her inner spirit and to develop a renewed sense of self.

“The Day I Found Me” is Rose Marie’s second book. The first book, “Just One Wish” is the story of a slave who is on trial for killing her master, and a lawyer who wishes to defend her freedom and see that justice prevails.

Rose Marie is in the process of scheduling book signings and preparing for an upcoming tour. Anttyr Publishing is also accepting manuscripts for works of non-fiction.

For more information on manuscript submission, or to order the book for $14.95, visit:

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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