AUBURN, Maine — An Adhesive Remover Swab is being released today by KICTeam. This Swab is combined with an adhesive remover solution to ease the removal of sticky adhesive residue from hard surfaces. The product will come enclosed in a foil pouch and the swab will be saturated with the adhesive remover solution. The swab was designed especially for use on thermal printers which incur adhesive build up from regular use during label printing. The increase of linerless labels has heightened the demand for an efficient adhesive remover product. This new Adhesive Remover Swab has been tested and demonstrated to be more effective than current methods and products.

KICTeam“We are seeing more linerless labels in a number of industries. When these labels pass over a hot thermal printer, some residue is transferred to the print head. The removal of this adhesive residue is essential to maintaining a clear and crisp print on thermal printers in any industry. At KICTeam we pride ourselves on the solving of problems like these for our OEM partners,” said Debra Ross, Product Manager of KICTeam. “The Adhesive Removal Swab is a quick and efficient means of removing adhesives and maintaining print integrity. When you combine this new product with our IPA cleaning card, pen or wipe, you have a complete and effective means of maintaining your thermal printers.”

Today more and more industries such as retail, specialty shops and food services are using linerless labels. Additionally, the shipping industry prints millions of labels daily on similar equipment using traditional labels. All of these printers need an effective means of removing adhesive residue. This Adhesive Remover Swab along with a cleaning card, pen or wipe will be essential to properly maintaining the equipment.

About KICTeam

KICTeam is the world leader in the development and manufacture of cleaning cards including Waffletechnology(TM)-based (patent pending) products. Our growth in the last 20 years is driven by the close cooperation with OEM’s in the development of proprietary cleaning solutions. Our headquarters are in Auburn, Maine, with a worldwide presence through strategic partners.

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