WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla., Oct 03, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The CEO of BioMineral Tea Organic Minerals Inc., Frankie Alfonso, discovered the visual evidence of biomineral structure and their various bio-photonic colors. A biomineral is an organic mineral from an herb which shares the same chemistry as the human body and is the key element which provides positive and negative electric charges to all cells and vital organs. Each different color biomineral represents a different frequency of energy which can also be measured in electron volts (eV).

“Biominerals contain an electric charge of 2-3eV which are needed by cells for their proper structure and function. Without the positive and negative ionic charges with in the biominerals cells cannot simply survive or function properly,” says Alfonso.

Cells contain a plasma membrane which carries a negative electric charge provided by the biomineral chloride and is surrounded by a positive charge which comes from the biomineral potassium. The negative and positive charges within a cell act like an organic battery and produce an electric charge which is used to maintain its very structure and to also send electricity to neurons and muscles for information transfer and movement.

Simply put, without biominerals nothing in the human body works it’s like trying to drive a car with no gasoline in the tank, says Alfonso. Vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes only assist biominerals in carrying out functions and they cannot function without biominerals. The human body is electric and its essential electric fuel source is biominerals.

The heart is the most electrical part of the human body and it requires the biominerals magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, iron, calcium and potassium to make a heartbeat and regulate blood pressure. Without biominerals the heart cannot beat, this is how important biominerals are. All organs in the human body are electrical and are ruled by different biominerals that contain different frequencies or energy levels.

“It is electricity that makes us alive and the more electricity the more alive you are and when the body lacks the vital electric charge of biominerals it begins to break down and deteriorate. All organs in the body contain different types of cells which are made up of biominerals and since the human body cannot produce biominerals we must ingest them on a daily basis,” says Alfonso.

Biominerals emit light called biophotons. These biomineral light emissions are the evidence that biominerals are electric.

Biominerals produce all the colors of the visible electromagnetic light spectrum. The blue biomineral is Calcium Phosphate and is needed by bones. The purple biomineral is Sodium Chloride and is needed for digestion, PH and electrolyte balance. The violet biomineral is Iron Phosphate which is needed to produce red blood cells. The pink biomineral is Potassium Phosphate which is needed by the brain and for PH and electrolyte balance. The red biomineral is Sodium Sulfate which is needed by the Liver.

The orange biomineral is Potassium Chloride needed by the lungs. The orange-yellow biomineral is Calcium Fluoride needed by the stomach, breast, spleen and teeth. The yellow biomineral is magnesium phosphate which is needed by the heart and the nervous system. The yellow-green biomineral is Potassium Sulfate which is needed by bowels. The green biomineral is Sodium Phosphate which is needed by the kidneys and bladder. The blue-green biomineral is Calcium Sulfate needed by male and female reproductive organs.

The aqua biomineral is Silica which is needed by the skin, hair and nails. The white biomineral is all colors in one and is the most powerful biomineral which carries the highest charge it is beneficial to all cells and is used by the pituitary gland in the brain which is the master control for all hormone production.

Not only did Frankie Alfonso discover the visual evidence of biominerals and patent his scientific discovery he also launched a special herbal tea containing all essential biominerals which brews 1 gallon of tea via a special large tea bag called BioMineral Tea.

BioMineral Tea(TM) is the world’s first essential biominerals, vitamins and amino acids premium herbal infusion beverage. BioMineral Tea provides vital organ support, natural energy restoration, weight loss and regulation, immune support and mood support. Not only is it good for your whole body and all cells but it is also refreshing and delicious and can be enjoyed hot or iced by the whole family.

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