stone floor maintenanceDALLAS, Texas, March 28 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “Natural stone is a permanent floor intended to last as long as the facility stands,” says Jason Johonnesson, the director of IMS (Interior Maintenance Specialists, Inc.), on their main website which details their proven skills and cutting edge natural stone maintenance technology. Natural stone floors are very popular and add a particular look to homes, buildings and/or businesses they are installed in.

“IMS is now proud to offer their state of the art pro standards to all of their Dallas consumers. We want to take our wealth of knowledge and experience and not only offer it to big business, but to everybody who has a beautiful natural stone floor,” stated Johonnesson.

The company can fully restore natural stone floors, countertops and other surfaces where marble, granite or concrete can exist, back to original or near-original status. Many companies that provide natural stone restoration will typically use different chemicals, which can take away the color and clarity of the stone.

IMS utilizes diamond grit polish or diamond abrasives (which are used at the factory where your new floor was made in the first place). Diamond abrasives will remove the scratches and marks from the floor, bringing it back to its natural factory finish, while restoring the color and clarity of the floor. More information: .

These types of floors can be quite costly to install, especially with larger floors, so it only makes sense to hire the experts to restore it.

IMS will typically recommend investing in a good matting system for a floor that will collect the majority of the dirt particulates and oils tracked in from the outside. IMS also recommends property owners clean the exterior of their home or building regularly, to prevent most of the dirt and oil from getting inside in the first place.

Adds, Johonnesson: “But it often happens that stone surfaces need to be restored and when they do, you can’t go wrong by contacting our professionals at IMS. The fact that the company’s advanced technology is now available to homeowners is good news indeed.”

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