NASHVILLE, Tenn. — NAStek National, LLC announces the launch of a load profitability module to its trucking management software – MYSTC – that helps trucking companies with rising fuel prices and reduced profit margins. This new software enhancement will help trucking companies to calculate their projected costs per load. “Load Profitability,” the latest enhancement to MYSTC’s software, is designed for trucking dispatch and management. This new feature helps trucking companies, of any size, to determine the cost of delivering a load. It analyzes current fuel prices along a route, miles per gallon, and driver pay. It also determines fixed and variable expenses.

And, with the recent major fluctuations in fuel prices, it is extremely difficult to determine the profitability of a load. Diesel fuel has increased as much as $0.24 a gallon, making it difficult to calculate cost. A single day’s spike in fuel can increase costs by over .04 per mile. Currently, fuel is the major cost in delivering freight and can cause a once profitable load to become marginal at best.

“Before I was paying almost $400 a month for a product that attempted to do the same thing,” Susie Schindewolf of Schindewolf Express, a long-time MYSTC user, explains. “This new software enhancement shows me where I am, especially on backhauls. Before this, there was no way to calculate cost based on today’s changing fuel prices.”

Richard Bell, President of one of America’s premier trucking CPA firms, says, “Most trucking companies need to ‘fire’ some of their customers because rates are too low.”

MYSTC provides a way to determine who these customers are and what the costs are.

Robert J. Harter, President of NAStek National, LLC, parent company of MYSTC Software, says, “Our goal has always been to show truckers what their up-to-the-minute costs are. Fuel increases have made this more important than ever. I firmly believe that this will help many small truckers to remain competitive in a financially tight market.”

About NAStek National, LLC
NAStek National provides management solutions for small to mid-size trucking companies ranging from one to over 250 trucks through its main product, MYSTC software. MYSTC assists fleets in paying their drivers, billing their customers, keeping truck maintenance records, fuel tax reporting, and offers a management report screen that gives the owner a quick snapshot of the entire operation.

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