ANDOVER, Mass. — Napatech announces NEW Optical Bypass Adapters for their 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps high-performance network adapters. The Optical Bypass Adapter is added to an already feature-rich product line offered by Napatech. Their high-performance adapters include features such as line rate capture and processing of frames up to 20 Gbps, 10 ns time-stamping of every packet, channel merging, frame classification, conditional dynamic frame slicing, 64 user-programmable filters, packet coloring, deduplication, support for 32 CPU cores, and more, supporting Linux, FreeBSD and Windows, and including a programming interface with development tools.

NapatechThe Optical Bypass Adapters features include:

* 8 optical connections, supporting 4 full-duplex optical bypass ports
* Support for 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps signals or a mix of these
* Automatic switch to either bypass or pass-through mode at power failure
* Watchdog performing automatic switch to bypass or pass-through mode at software driver or application failure
* Support for application-controlled switch to either bypass or pass-through mode
* Fully programmable operation via easy-to-use API
* Switch between bypass or pass-through mode in less than 20 milliseconds
* Support for both single-mode and multimode optical interfaces through standard LC connectors
* Half-length format with a 1-lane PCI-Express interface

Due to the increased deployment of their adapters in mission-critical operations requiring advanced Fail-safe solutions beyond what external optical bypass switches can accommodate, Napatech has launched their NEW 4-port Optical Bypass Adapter enhancing the usual power failure bypass with a watchdog function which can be activated from the server if an application stops servicing the adapter driver, or if the server is taken down for maintenance in a controlled way.

Available in two versions supporting both Long Range single-mode on 9-micrometer optical fibers and Short Range multimode on 50-micrometer optical fibers, the Adapter can be configured to enter into either bypass or pass-through mode at power failure or heartbeat failure.

About Napatech

Napatech is a leading OEM supplier of multi-port 1GbE and multi-port 10GbE high-performance network adapters with sales, marketing and R&D offices in Mountain View, California, Andover, Massachusetts and Copenhagen, Denmark. The core idea is to off-load real-time/streaming protocol, payload analysis and control applications traditionally implemented in software or proprietary hardware.

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