Independent film industry and its creative artists find home for education, production and distribution of their craft

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — MyHollywoodFilm, a global virtual studio for the Independent Film production and education industry, has established a unique P2P networking community. Filmmakers can find instruction, establish their careers, create the films of tomorrow and gain worldwide, viewable exposure, 24/7.

“The vision for My Hollywood Film is to be a key global player in the Independent Film production and education industry through the utilization of a unique online business network and the advancement of sustainable production and business practices,” said Founder and President Jodi Nelson.


Highlight talent for every stage of a movie production anywhere in the world. Independent film makers can market and source what they need to make it happen with resources available in the MHF community. Find amazing and diversified projects to work on or start independent productions. Take the virtual online Core Boot Camps and Break out Courses taught by Professional experts in Hollywood to get the tools and the roadmap needed to be competitive in the global marketplace and help sustain a lasting career.


Discover talent and resources in the MHF Community who live next door or around the world. Join groups to keep informed and involved in common interest areas.


Network with like-minded people to get a career and projects started. Self-promote within the MHF community with a profile that can include a resume, headshots, reel and rates to get working on desired projects.

“As an actor, producer and filmmaker myself, I understand how difficult it is to get a film made. However, armed with the right tools and information, treading the unstable path of filmmaking can be an exciting and sustainable journey,” commented Ms. Nelson. “There are no ‘secrets’ to Hollywood; just the facts. Having real information, the right resources and solid personal relationships will help you get to the next level and sustain your business. MyHollywoodFilm provides just that,” Nelson concluded.

About MyHollywoodFilm
MyHollywoodFilm has established important affiliations and partnerships to facilitate a complete turnkey system online that is able to unite Independent film organizations and associations from all over the globe for collaborative efforts. Students of the film industry seeking sustainable careers are able to network with mentors and industry leaders while continuing their education. The existing Independent film industry can leverage networking opportunities from production to distribution within the MyHollywoodFilm community.

For more information please visit or contact: 1-310-871-7897.

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