SAN DIEGO, Calif. — While San Diego has long been popular for its great weather and beaches, it might be of interest to tourists that San Diego is also a hot spot for some of the best Mexican food that can be found above the border. According to taco shop finder, San Diego houses hundreds of taco shops scattered throughout the county, where the popular dishes such as carne asada burritos, carne asada fries and California burritos can be found.

Online taco shop finder even has a MySpace page where people from all around the world show their appreciation for San Diego’s delicious Mexican food. As D.B. Castillo of Tucson, AZ puts it,”[I’m] looking forward to coming this summer and eating carne asada burritos and fries all day.”

online taco shop finder“I want a burrito from Robertos on Miramar Road, right now. I miss that…,” says Sherwin all the way from Guam.

When comparing Mexican food from non-San Diego taco shops to those of his hometown, San Diego native Romeo Gain says, “It’s just better down here. The meat is seasoned better, and the salsa isn’t just hot, there’s flavor to it.”

Whatever the reason, whether it is better marinades or its proximity to Mexico, San Diego seems to have gotten it right.

Launched in January 2008, is San Diego’s first online taco shop finder. There are currently locations to over 500 taco shops, with more being added everyday. Searches can be filtered by distance, 24-hour availability, drive-thru only stands, as well as catering availability.

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