My Reward Board(R) is Selected to Provide Kid’s Allowance and Chore Tracking System for Microsoft Money Plus

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — My Reward Board today announced it has made an arrangement with Microsoft for a special 30-day trial version of the My Reward Board children’s allowance and chore tracking system to be made available to Microsoft Money Plus customers. The My Reward Board program emphasizes a positive approach for encouraging kids to complete their chores, achieve their goals, improve their behavior, and save their money. A special 30-day free trial version of My Reward Board is available to Microsoft Money Plus customers at

“My Reward Board is a unique way for customers of Microsoft Money Plus to educate their children about the value of the dollar,” said Chris Jolley, group manager of the Financial Products Group at Microsoft Corp. “This solution helps parents share an appreciation and understanding of money with their children, ultimately giving them life-long skills on how to responsibly handle their finances.”

My Reward BoardWith My Reward Board, parents can configure the program to conform to their own parenting style, controlling how and when allowance is awarded, how frequently rewards are earned, and which rewards are available. Achievement certificates – suitable for hanging on the refrigerator – are printed at the end of each week, and an animated piggy bank squeals in delight when allowance is earned or a savings goal has been met.

“We’re excited to be a part of Microsoft Money Plus, the latest release of the popular Microsoft Money product line,” said Barton Listick, President and Founder of My Reward Board. “Children today are immersed in a culture that’s saturated with consumer-driven materialism. Parents need all the help they can get to encourage a responsible approach to earning, spending, and saving money, and we’re proud to provide this critical support to Microsoft customers.”

For more information, visit My Reward Board is available as a free trial or for purchase.

About My Reward Board
My Reward Board is the leading provider of family-centered incentive, chore tracking and financial education software. Its mission is to provide the tools that parents need to help raise responsible, motivated and successful children.

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